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They found Earth's oblateness (flattening on the top and bulging at the equator) decreased by a small amount.
This oblateness could be explained solely on internal cohesive forces and rotational motion in the LMH model ([section]4.
Interestingly, Faye argued for the oblateness of the Sun based on the fluidity of the photosphere.
It has additional terms (resulting from the oblateness of the body), not found in the corresponding equation in Schwarzschild's field [7].
and the first term GMm/r now describes the potential of a homogeneous sphere and thus refers to Keplerian motion, the remaining part represents the Earth's oblateness via the zonal harmonic coefficients and [7]
These include: (1) the continuous nature of the emission spectrum, (2) the average density of the solar mass, (3) the gentle oblateness of the solar sphere, (4) the presence of a distinct solar surface, (5) the presence of surface gravity waves and helioseimology studies, (6) the known existence of hydrogen on Earth in the liquid metallic plasma state at high pressures and temperatures, (7) the existence of solar boiling, and (8) the presence of the corona, transition zone, and chromosphere.