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Synonyms for oblate

a lay person dedicated to religious work or the religious life

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having the equatorial diameter greater than the polar diameter

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Of the roles available to people who do not want to live in the monastic community as the sisters do, she felt most called to be an oblate.
The boys and girls' semi-finals were completed in the morning, resulting in a girl's final between Oblate and a very strong Sheffield side.
Leduc informed another Oblate that L'Heureux eyes were "hypocritical in the first degree.
In other words, the length of one semiaxis is directly observed at the central section while the second semiaxis appears shorter (for prolate spheroid) or longer (for oblate spheroid).
For those interested in the history of missions in the Canadian northwest, it provides a primary source for insight into the messages that the Oblate mission was attempting to convey.
Richard Wagner was an Oblate priest on his way to completing a PhD--paid for by his order so that he could minister to the gay community--when a television interview falsely portrayed him as questioning clerical celibacy.
Martin entered the Oblate Novitiate in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on September 7, 1954, and professed his first vows on September 8, 1955.
In this article, the factor by which the radius of the Sun and oblate spheroidal planets is reduced to form a black hole is computed using the oblate spheroidal space-time metric.
Father Connor Murphy will retire to live in Dublin and Father Frank Murray will move to another Oblate base in Edinburgh.
Father Connor Murphy, who will retire to live in Dublin and Father Frank Murray, who will move to another Oblate base in Edinburgh.
Technically speaking, they are, I suppose, oblate ellipsoids, but if you are really interested in packing them in an optimal space-saving manner, you would need a degree of familiarity with Kepler's sphere-packing theorem.
In the book, Norris, a Presbyterian, describes her experiences as a Benedictine oblate at a monastery in Minnesota.
A conference of the Oblate missiologist Albert Perbal awakened Marcello's interest and enthusiasm for the missions.
Rather, they are oblate, or slightly flat at their poles and bulging around their centers.