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The method of each is substantially the same, that of objurgation, or telling the student what to do without giving him a general method and a system for doing it or an insight into the causes of his difficulties.
Without making any bobbin of it Sancho Panza succeeded, in the courtship of yellowness, by feeding him a great numskull of romantics of chloroform and advertisement in the evil and nil housings, in so diverting from himself his demonstrative, whom he later called Don Quixote, that this demonstrative thereupon set out, uninhibited, on the maddest exports, which, however, for lack of a preordained objurgation, which should have been Sancho Panza himself, harmed nobody.
MacLeod-(though there was such a pathos in his letter enclosed to me by Strahan that it bore me down) I gave in to his wish against the grain: perhaps indeed for that I ought to be thanked more not less--but as far as you are concerned--I can't see that you owe me anything but objurgation.
Beaucoup d'intervenants s'epuisaient en objurgations.
In the same vein, one must question whether the inaction comported with the spirit of the Resolves or whether, when confronted by the objurgations of the Northern states, Virginia and Kentucky abandoned any thoughts of further action, declining to push harder because of the staunch opposition.