objet d'art

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a work of art of some artistic value

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Ceci multiplie les debats et les interpretations, opposant des individus pourtant confrontes au meme objet d'art.
Or check the many popup shops in the area, any of which might be a permanent store when they return next year: German audio brand Sennheiser at 11 Kenmare Street; Donna Karan's Urban Zen Holiday Marketplace, offering home furnishings from around the globe at 711 Greenwich Street; Tictail, an e-tailer from Sweden offering jewelry, apparel and objet d'art at 90 Orchard Street; and more.
Summary: An objet d'art as mysterious as time itself, the classique Tourbillon QP 3797BR from Breguet effects an intuitive display of the indications without compromising on the timepiece's inherent charm.
From the cool, gleaming reception, gilt corridors festooned with objet d'art to the immaculately appointed rooms, this is easily one of the most majestic hotels I have ever stayed in.
Y3 WC Soccer Ball, $210 This loather-bound ball is as suited for the grassy pitch as'a place on your mantle as an objet d'art.
In other words, not only does making something with your hands result in a new objet d'art for you, but it can also serve to reduce stress in your life.
The Horn of Plenty -- Glory is a splendid objet d'art made with over 4,800 pieces of natural gemstones.
In particular "Alis Grave Nil" stands out (Nothing is heavy to those who have wings), an objet d'art made of white marble inspired by flight and expressly designed in honour of the collaboration with "Volarearte.
French people love to have a comfortable life, but they do not like to show off when it comes to money; it is as if having money, or a nice property or beautiful car, objet d'art or expensive jewelry is shameful, while France is the country of innovation when it comes to building plush homes or creating fancy jewelry.
When a hurricane inundates New York City, Zuckor embarks on a post-apocalyptic adventure in an objet d'art canoe bought at a gallery for 29 grand.
Unique and affordable home decor pieces, including terrariums, cloches, urns and metal birdhouses in varying sizes, allow for a showcase a small objet d'art.
This restoration company specializes in period-correct repair, restoration and conservation of fine art and fine antique furniture, objet d'art, collectibles, porcelaine and sculpture made from all types of fine materials from wood to marble, metal, glass and leather.
Now, with deluxe packaging, music is traded precisely and only as objet d'art, a reactionary response to the ubiquity of the immaterial and "free" MP3.
Prehistoric objet d'art, perfect for the corner office.
Whether it's a single treasured objet d'art, a family of framed photographs or an ever-growing pile of bone china plates, you'll find new and exciting ways to present them, so that style and form can rise from chaos and clutter.