objet d'art

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a work of art of some artistic value

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The Horn of Plenty -- Glory is a splendid objet d'art made with over 4,800 pieces of natural gemstones.
In particular "Alis Grave Nil" stands out (Nothing is heavy to those who have wings), an objet d'art made of white marble inspired by flight and expressly designed in honour of the collaboration with "Volarearte.
French people love to have a comfortable life, but they do not like to show off when it comes to money; it is as if having money, or a nice property or beautiful car, objet d'art or expensive jewelry is shameful, while France is the country of innovation when it comes to building plush homes or creating fancy jewelry.
Unique and affordable home decor pieces, including terrariums, cloches, urns and metal birdhouses in varying sizes, allow for a showcase a small objet d'art.
This restoration company specializes in period-correct repair, restoration and conservation of fine art and fine antique furniture, objet d'art, collectibles, porcelaine and sculpture made from all types of fine materials from wood to marble, metal, glass and leather.
Prehistoric objet d'art, perfect for the corner office.
Whether it's a single treasured objet d'art, a family of framed photographs or an ever-growing pile of bone china plates, you'll find new and exciting ways to present them, so that style and form can rise from chaos and clutter.
The fair is also well known for uncovering some exceptionally rare and sought after items including rare paintings, oriental items and objet d'art.
Meanwhile, the Aircraft vase, a contemporary while ceramic vessel, looks more like an objet d'art than the typical home fragrance container.
Every valuation will be free, whether the item is picked to go on to auction or not, which means you won't want to miss out on the chance of joining the illustrious ranks of past participants on the show - which regularly pulls in two million viewers each week day - whose objet d'art netted them huge sums.
While a book, or an objet d'art draws little attention, personal jewellery always will.
I broadened my scope to include earthen materials, because I think that if ceramics is to expand its field it is important to the discourse to include the Earth and our processing of raw resources beyond the social significance of a select but devoted community, by acknowledging the challenges we face in the effort to control our environment beyond any isolated objet d'art.
HP intends the Envy 110 e-All-in-One to sit in a living room or private office as an objet d'art, seeing only occasional use and producing nice output upon request.
BonSol's original building, with its magnificent main dining room, is packed with paintings and objet d'art, deep leather armchairs, suits of armour and, rather incongruously, the internet link for guests to use.
s small Allen Street storefront: The carpet of thousands of maple seedpods that constituted Distribution spread convincingly out from a corner at the entrance like a doleful harbinger of autumnal decline, while, nearby, Free information, a sodden book cast in flat pink resin (modeled on one found on the street by the artist), was set altogether too squarely in the middle of the floor, subtly but significantly tilting its feel away from poignant objet trouve to self-conscious objet d'art.