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For example, a high street fashion store that wishes to employ younger staff in order to reflect their brand image will not be able to objectively justify this because it is not a valid aim.
The slogan also violated the rule against characterizing a firm's skills, reputation, character, or record unless it is objectively verifiable.
God does exist, and we know this because we know that rape and murder are objectively wrong.
The issue of whether a statement is objectively or subjectively false arises in Omnicare because it is a Section 11 matter.
Although Galperina rejects the idea that a pet can be objectively valuable to a person, in fact it can be.
Among those in our society who have never learned about science or have rejected what they've learned because it conflicts with ancient Hebrew scripture, subjective beliefs about what exists objectively are very different.
Again the tribunal agreed that the ex-partner had been discriminated against because of his age, but felt the treatment could be objectively justified because the firm's aim was to reduce the effect of "intergenerational unfairness whereby younger partners would contribute more and more as active partners against the prospect of receiving a smaller and smaller pension themselves when they came to retire".
Discriminate indirectly against you - that is to apply a criterion, provision or practice which disadvantages your particular age unless it can be objectively justified;
For instance, if a client interest is directly adverse to the practitioner's own interest, it is unlikely that the latter could act objectively.
This is not a claim that all "pro-choice" advocates are inherently evil, but they do approve of and many seek to advance a position that is clearly objectively evil.
The Colpexin sphere, an intravaginal device for women with advanced genital prolapse that supports the prolapse above the levator musculature and helps patients strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, can also serve as a test to objectively assess the contractility and strength of pelvic floor muscles, Dr.
Pope John Paul II told a group of priests on March 1, 1997 that "Contraception is to be judged objectively so profoundly unlawful as never to be, for any reason, justified.
The goal is to objectively measure user behavior with the product artifact.
The scientific method was the key to viewing the world objectively and thus discovering the fundamental nature of the universe, Raymo says.
This software tool is based on 24 distinctive characteristics to objectively evaluate the opportunity.