objective case

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the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb

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I couldn't make an objective case for him and don't believe that personal interests should enter into these awards, so I didn't.
Although the prescriptive grammar tradition stipulates the subjective case form, the objective case form is normally felt to be the natural one, particularly in informal style.
seems to assert this by a kind of theological fiat, one can mount a good objective case for his claim.
US (pronounced just like the objective case of "we") focuses on helping companies address branding and competitive issues through a comprehensive approach utilizing the latest strategies and tactics that allow businesses to redefine their relationships with current customers and prospects.
Note that since prepositions are heads which require objective case on their complements, we must maintain that not only whom but also who has objective case in (4).
Additional employer savings are achieved by avoiding unnecessary procedures via Healthplace America's unique Expert Opinion Program(TM), in which top-quality providers conduct objective case reviews on all surgery diagnoses.
The results of the assessment supported the development of a clear and objective case for funding to our senior administration.
The inclusion of case studies to illustrate objective cases of discrimination is also very instructive in terms of a practical work of advocacy in the development process.