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in an obnoxious manner

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Thus, by setting the threshold for unavailability of the superior orders defense exceedingly high, the manifest illegality standard may objectionably allow subordinates who make unreasonable mistakes in situational judgment to rely upon the superior orders defense.
Post believes that all past societies, which I would add have all been objectionably hierarchical or oppressive or both, have coercively (legally) enforced civility rules.
It can become a little gruff on occasion but the noise is never objectionably intrusive and probably well worth enduring for the economic benefits the unit offers.
legally required but objectionably early release of dangerous criminals.
781, 792 (1989) (holding that a prohibition against objectionably loud speech is content-neutral because it restricts the volume of all speech, whether it is rock music or a nursery rhyme).
Appiah objected to this on the grounds that it is objectionably circular, and R.
Misconception: Caulks and sealants often shrink objectionably.
State Security agents in the Academy of Science, in all public broadcasters, the Church; infiltrated in some, most and in a few cases all card-carrying members of political parties, on newspapers, in youth organisations, associations of architects, actuaries, artists, basket-weavers, brewers and bricklayers and, most objectionably for 007, golf clubs.
For the uninitiated, black-powder shooting is objectionably smelly and dirty.
Ancestor worship is no doubt an honorable impulse, but in writing Marlborough: His Life and Times (1933-1938), Churchill had no compunction about serving up a cartoon historiography far more objectionably strident than anything ever perpetrated by his intended target.
For instance, I've often heard the criticism that ingredients in Indian food are 'overcooked', a word that's objectionably ethnocentric, no matter where you're from.
Some might object that this concern is objectionably paternalistic.
essentialize racial groups in objectionably divisive ways.
Consequently, in cases where the claimant is from a disadvantaged group, courts will need to consider at least some of the factors that normally play a role in section 15(1) analysis, such as whether the program stereotypes the claimants, or whether it in some other way objectionably perpetuates their disadvantaged position.
Most objectionably, the review praises Gran Torino for taking "its educational responsibility seriously, offering up cultural tidbits on how to survive a Hmong BBQ, historical reasons for why the nomadic hill tribes ended up in the Midwest, and even details about their current sociocultural difficulties ('the girls go to college and the boys go to jail')" (emphasis ours).