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(computer science) a programming language that enables the programmer to associate a set of procedures with each type of data structure

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The meteoric rise of this object-oriented programming language can be traced to the growing popularity of the Web during the same period.
a former division of AT&T, owns a similar technology for object-oriented programming language, which assembles bundles of programming code and functions for reuse in the creation of more than one application.
By adding the ability to easily build web applications to their mature REAL Studio product, REAL Software has given the web development community a revolutionary new set of tools: a truly integrated development environment for the web with an easy-to-use graphical interface, a mature compiler, debugging tools, and a powerful, modern object-oriented programming language.
No prior programming experience is required for this visual tutorial on Ruby, an object-oriented programming language.
Because frameworks do not require any tools other than those needed for an object-oriented programming language, they tend to appear wherever object-oriented languages are used.
Easy-to-Use, Object-Oriented Programming Language, Ruby, Enables Users to Implement Custom Applications Based on the Powerful Alien Reader Protocol
During the past few years, Smalltalk has become the fastest growing object-oriented programming language.
A native ODBMS enables the persisted objects to be identical to those created in the object-oriented programming language and to purely reflect the logic inherent to the problem.
Rather than a reference manual or guide to this object-oriented programming language, Dayley considers it a quick reference to interesting phrases for real-world tasks in Python 2.
In addition to the RTE, the Curl platform consists of two other main components: the Curl Language, a full-featured, object-oriented programming language that integrates rich text formatting, GUI layout and presentation scripting; and the Curl Integrated Development Environment, which includes tools for developing and debugging Curl applications and a Visual Layout Editor and numerous code examples to get users started quickly.
Apodora is written in C#, an object-oriented programming language, and boasts key features such as: increased test coverage, decreased test management, a robust automation object repository, the ability to automate testing of multiple technologies, enhanced extensibility, and accessible functionality with advanced and beginner features.
of Phoenix, Oregon campus; Portland Community College) introduces Microsoft's Visual Basic 2005, an object-oriented programming language, as an "integrated development environment" for developing Windows and Web programs.
NET framework and include integrated C#, an object-oriented programming language, popular with next-gen 3D game developers.
The powerful layout generation API designed for generating sub-100nm integrated circuit layouts is accessed through Python, a modern, open-source, object-oriented programming language.
The use of an object-oriented programming language for developing applications is not sufficient to guarantee an improvement in programmer productivity.
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