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It generates state-of-the-art algorithms and applies them to a strongly-typed object-oriented programming language.
HealthObjects has been developed using the Smalltalk object-oriented programming language.
They did, and they called it object-oriented programming.
Includes Object-Oriented Programming Capabilities that Speed Development of Complex Applications and New Notebook Interface for Symbolic Mathematics
Smalltalk/V has been the leader in pure object-oriented programming for 8 years," said Jim Anderson, chairman and CEO of Digitalk.
CSS, Object-Oriented Programming and Validated Markup Among the Top Practices
This guide for beginning to intermediate programmers teaches the principles of object-oriented programming using .
It brings software development organizations spanning many industries, including telecommunications, commercial software development and financial services, the benefits of object-oriented programming -- rapid prototyping, software reusability and increased modularity -- without sacrificing their investments in C.
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