object recognition

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the visual perception of familiar objects

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To gain new insight into the neural basis of object recognition, the research team used neuroimaging and behavioural investigations to study visual and object-selective responses in the cortex of healthy controls and a participant called SM who, following selective brain damage to the right hemisphere of the brain, exhibited object agnosia.
This approach provides fast and practical way of configuring MV system for object recognition of arbitrary rigid shaped objects.
Our smartphone is already outstanding at object recognition.
As conventional object recognition methods using 3-dimensional information, Signature of Histogram of OrienTations (SHOT) is commonly used [3] [4].
eCognition's intelligent information extraction capabilities accelerate mapping, change detection and object recognition by delivering standardized and reproducible image analysis results.
The new alliance will allow Wazee Digital Core customers to leverage Veritone's industry-leading AI technology for automated metadata extraction and analysis, including speech-to-text transcription, face recognition, translation, object recognition, content moderation, and optical character recognition.
In retail sector audits, for a warehouse stock count, the drones will work autonomously while using variable image and object recognition tools such as optical character recognition and QR/barcode/rack labels to collect inventory information, especially during off-hours to minimize audit stakeholder risk and improve efficiency.
In retail sector audits, for a warehouse stock count, the drones will work autonomously while using image and object recognition tools such as optical character recognition and barcodes or labels to collect inventory information -- especially during off-hours -- to minimise audit stakeholder risk and improve efficiency.
Stimulus similarity decreases spontaneous object recognition regardless of the retention interval in rats
This combination will allow users to leverage the power of Veritone's cognitive analytics, along with top cognitive engines in areas such as face detection, object recognition and transcription, to extract new value from their onpremise video and audio content without having to move it to the cloud.
This paper proposes new methods, named Derivative Code (DerivativeCode) and Derivative Code Pattern (DCP), for object recognition.
Their topics include educational data mining and the Indian technical education system, the analysis of different feature description algorithms in object recognition, a thinning strategy for character images based on nearest opposite contour pixel, a study on various image processing techniques and hardware implementation using the Xilinx system generator, a new redundant manipulator robot with six degrees of freedom controlled with visual feedback, and an in silico approach to predicting the epitope for designing a novel vaccine delivery system.
Neurotechnology is a provider of high-precision software development products for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, palm print and voice identification, object recognition, AI and robotics.
Applications include object recognition for agriculture and fluid levels, distance measuring for trucks and loading ramps, level sensing in dusty conditions, and parking lot detection/barrier monitoring.