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punishment intended as a warning to others

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The former Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is an example of the Vatican's tendency to seize upon a person or an institution as the object lesson needed at the time.
Bill Morris' compassion and determination to see the victims supported and the perpetrator made accountable through the courts has been an object lesson in proper pastoral response to such crimes.
Once economically successful, Japan, now mired in 15 years of stagnation, should provide an object lesson, after introducing such policies in the 90s.
This new, small people carrier is expected to be launched in the UK early next year and Toyota claims that it is "an object lesson in space management".
Sir Chris is a fantastic role model for all of us, especially the young, and an object lesson to all other aspiring sports persons.
This study is an object lesson in ignoring hindsight.
THE succinctly titled third album from the Canadian power-punkers is an object lesson in the art of musical understatement.
This case has been an object lesson to anyone getting involved with a Class A drug like that.
It is an object lesson in survival, selflessness and courage," he added
It is an object lesson in how to cook fish while the confit neck fillet that follows with the lamb course breaks my in-built flavour-o-meter.
Opener Herschelle Gibbs gave the Lions an object lesson in how to compose a one-day innings and hit a superb 81 off 104 balls to ensure the outcome was never in doubt.
The box contains a mini-curriculum with Bible verses and an object lesson "to help reinforce God's story of creation.
The passage of two recent bills--by both the Senate and the House, and the signing of those bills into law by the president -provides an object lesson in the workings of the state, and full illustration of the type of logic that must necessarily govern the actions of that coercive body.
Instead, he played on, shot a 76 to stand 11 off the lead, then proceeded to give Europe's young bucks an object lesson in controlled golf and outstanding longputting.
Mr Brockbank said: "This is an object lesson in the importance of a comma.