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the machine-language output of a compiler that is ready for execution on a particular computer

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software companies must register complete copies of each software version in both source and object codes in order to protect their copyrights.
They are working with channel partners to provide off-the-shelf applications and reusable object code for standard interactions.
After a software program has been created in source code, it is compiled or translated into a machine-readable language called object code.
If any object code is not traceable to the source code (for example, if a high-level source construct is compiled into complex object code involving conditional instructions) then DO-178B specifies the following activity: 'additional verification should be performed on the object code to establish the correctness of such generated code sequences'.
Data and control coupling analysis where predicted system behavior is metrically compared to actual system behavior up to Level A where object code is examined.
The Common Criteria specifies that software must meet certain software development process requirements and adhere to a set of programming standards, software verification activities, and traceability from high- to low-level design requirements down to the resulting source and object code.
G-Cover provides code coverage analysis at the object code level that is independent of the source language, including assembly.
For the archiving of a program behavior, the proposal consists of saving the original executable object code together with the specification of the processing that needs to be performed for each machine instruction of the original computer (emulation).
LDRA's validation of object code for AVR Studio ensures Atmel AVR ATmega128- based targets is certifiable
Software for the InstaVoIP 516-CN and 516-POE module is available in two varieties: a combination object code and ANSI C source code release, or a full ANSI C source code release.
Hi-Tech Software announced a compilation technology that generates object code based on call- and pointer-reference graphs derived from all the modules in an embedded program.
In the past, many companies needing to meet stringent certification requirements verified their object code using in-house tools.
optopidu projector, purchase the object code by CPV - 33122000-1,
com)-- LDRA's validation of object code for AVR Studio ensures Atmel AVR ATmega128- based targets is certifiable.