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the machine-language output of a compiler that is ready for execution on a particular computer

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Object code verification to ensure that no additional code has introduced errant or unexpected behavior in the machine code and that all code has been tested.
software companies must register complete copies of each software version in both source and object codes in order to protect their copyrights.
And each time a new type of interaction is developed, the object code developed can then be used in other applications.
1) Once the object code is printed out, examine the following:
The traceability analysis that is needed to meet the structural code coverage objectives requires a detailed knowledge of both the source language semantics and the generated object code," said Robert Dewar, AdaCore President and CEO.
Software for the InstaVoIP 516-CN and 516-POE module is available in two varieties: a combination object code and ANSI C source code release, or a full ANSI C source code release.
G-Cover provides code coverage analysis at the object code level that is independent of the source language, including assembly.
Pricing options now include a Developer's Rights Source license, which allows a licensee to ship an OSF/Motif Executive Object Code of only libXm or libMrm in shared library or DLL form.
LDRA's validation of object code for AVR Studio ensures Atmel AVR ATmega128- based targets is certifiable
optopidu projector, purchase the object code by CPV - 33122000-1,
com)-- LDRA's validation of object code for AVR Studio ensures Atmel AVR ATmega128- based targets is certifiable.
In the past, many companies needing to meet stringent certification requirements verified their object code using in-house tools.
Corel also inherits all source and object code for on-going development rights.
New GNATcoverage tool provides advanced program coverage analysis on both object code and source code