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Synonyms for obituary

death notice


Synonyms for obituary

a notice of someone's death

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Therefore, my obituary column may seem desperately hopeless.
If the BBC can give George Cole respect with an obituary, I'd like to know why Cilla Black wasn't shown the same respect?
Of all the things I did in this life, nothing compared to being with Brendan and our children,'' she wrote in the obituary, published April 19.
com's Next Generation Obituary is a state-of-the-art offering that brings newspapers closer to readers with a dynamic new online experience; closer to funeral homes by featuring their brand and promoting their services; and closer to families by providing ways to honor a loved one's memory like never before.
It's so out of the way, and for me to pickup this random teapot, which just happened to have this obituary in it.
The paper's publisher and president John Maher explained to KRNV-DT Reno News4 that the obituary was sent via a self-service online submission.
Some readers tweeted their dissatisfaction, making fun of the Times' inclusion of her cooking skills and wondering if an obituary for a male rocket scientist would lead with anything, but his professional accomplishments.
Some weeks ago The Examiner lost another of its former journalists, Will Venters, but on this occasion we were able to run an obituary that he had penned himself in anticipation of the day it would be needed.
After his partner's death, James wrote and submitted an obituary to the Daily Guard.
The program has grown exponentially, with the Tributes Obituary Network now rapidly approaching 100 television partners that proudly feature Tributes-powered obituary sections on their websites.
Media companies such as Raycom Media, CBS Television Stations Group, and CBC (Capital Broadcasting Company) New Media Group are some of the first to establish new obituary sections on their television station websites, powered by Tributes.
yesterday demanded the reinstatement of the daily obituary segment on Bahrain Television's satellite channel.
Nearly every journalist starts their career with the obituary section.
Langan's obituary notice in the Globe and Mail, "Larry Henderson owned the most famous face in Canada.
This week's obituary of Jaroslava Moserova - what a woman - reminded me of Norman Wisdom.