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Synonyms for obituary

death notice


Synonyms for obituary

a notice of someone's death

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His obituarists have focused on his memorable "there will be no bevvying" speech prior to the 1971 Upper Clyde work-in, and a fine speech it was.
Even the sympathetic obituarists had to admit it had been a life gritted by violence, folly and sorrows.
Representing postwar light verse's Little League was the young John Updike, whose recent obituarists largely ignored his poems yet who once admitted, "As a boy I wanted to be a cartoonist.
In taking this line, the obituarists displayed an intellectual shortcoming typical of Anglo-American empiricism, and displayed it on two fronts: first, in their failure to understand that literary "realism" is itself a construct as laden with artifice as any other; and second, in missing the glaring fact that Robbe-Grillet's novels are actually ultrarealist, shot through at every level with the sheer quiddity of the environments to which they attend so faithfully.
The International Association of Obituarists (IAO) has been in place for several years and annually hosts its Great Obituary Writers Conference, with this year's set for June 12-14 in New Mexico.
What the obituarists could not know was that at her death Austen also left, in the care of her sister Cassandra, a number of manuscript works, some complete and some not.
Obituarists agree that he was an intensely private man, as the secrecy about his background suggests.
It took an energetic, imaginative public relations/public policy person, Carolyn Gilbert, who'd never been an obit writer, to found the International Association of Obituarists at the turn of the 21st century.
SATURDAY SPECIAL: How a Birmingham lawn-mower repair man came up with a controversial idea that would change the face of cricket forever AFTER Kerry Packer died on Boxing Day he was described by some obituarists as the man who gave to cricket, among other things, batting helmets.
Keane's obituarists have written him off, insisting age and injuries are taking their toll.
Ashley was, of course, the first to acknowledge his debts to his forerunners, and the derivative nature of the work was readily recognised by his reviewers, peers and obituarists (see Ashley 1891, p.
Coetzee, and John Banville (to take four names more or less at random) has long since given the obituarists their answer.
Since this rejection stands at the start of the story of Jack the Obscure's triumph over the purblind obscurantists, and since his obituarists (though not, to his credit, Cannadine) have identified St John's as the college that threw a pearl away richer than all his tribe, will you kindly allow a comment on the matter from the college of the obscurantists itself?
For Haydon, and for his obituarists, the America of Barnum was an infection that threatened both national aesthetics and national reason.
Above all, the obituarists needed to be reminded that Carroll did not go into cold storage between 1957 and 1972, and that he died in 1995, not 1972.