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Synonyms for obituary

death notice


Synonyms for obituary

a notice of someone's death

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To this, the editor of obituaries stated, "I think the obituary was a faithful accounting of the more prominent issues that Mr.
The contract is for the provision of services consisting in the publication of newspaper advertisements and obituaries in local newspapers throughout the country and in the national press for the needs of the President%s Office and the National Security Bureau.
Here's how it works: Memoriams allows funeral home directors to submit obituaries into a single order, add photographs, preview the obituary before submission and simplify the process of placing obituaries in out-of-market publications by eliminating the time spent searching for newspaper information and rates.
Writing obituaries of ordinary people who have come and gone in her small, tight-knit community of Haines, Alaska, has taught Lendes "the value of intentionally trying to find the good in people and situations," she writes.
Today in this newspaper and many others, families pay to publish obituaries and can write whatever they wish.
It is expected that the study will provide insights into how gender identities are constructed and projected in obituaries and how these obituaries reflect certain socio-cultural perspectives on gender.
The New York Times takes much the same approach, according to its obituaries editor, Bill McDonald.
Obituaries used to be the bread and butter of local papers.
News obituaries are a free service of The Register-Guard and are printed as space allows.
On Thursday, HRC and CAR called on the paper to change its obituary policy of not including the names of unmarried couples in obituaries.
Abstract: In John Maynard Keynes's Collected Writings there are forty-five biographical essays, sixteen of which are obituaries from the Economic Journal.
This is Mr Twiston Davies' sixth collection of obituaries from The Daily Telegraph.
2008), this is a carefully edited collection of obituaries of prominent Irish men and women published in The London Times.
The Economist Book of Obituaries combines a dash of irreverence with the thoroughly professional skill of long-seasoned journalists and while not by any stretch a systematic Who's Who it is both informative and a delight to browse.
Colquhoun, a former obituary column editor for the magazine, and Wroe, the current column editor, offer the obituaries of 199 people, from famous to scandalous to unknown, and a parrot.