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a notice of someone's death

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It's true the New York Times regularly devotes more obit ink to the famously departed than do most other publications.
These techniques, although secondary attributes in Sheeler's obituaries, add color to the portraits he paints of the uncelebrated individuals in Obit, making it an engaging and, as the subtitle accurately advertises, inspiring read.
Obit as indisputable evidence she is a natural and talented storyteller.
Our collective self-esteem as obit writers back then was such that we didn't deem ourselves worthy even to organize.
Obit viene de obito, que significa el fallecimiento de una persona.
Obit, que es una propuesta que nosotros clasificamos como una accion colectiva, es decir que el tema que tratamos y la forma en que lo tratamos, no es en una forma teatral tal cual.
Why is it that what should have represented the apogee of a career for two accomplished architects turned instead into an embarrassing footnote that judicious obit writers strove to omit?
When one of his ex-wives gets shot, he receives a third obit.
Springdale's The Morning News published a staff-written feature obituary about Carl on March 2 in addition to the paid obit.
Another busy festival-hopper, La Fura dels Baus, will celebrate its own 25th anniversary with the premiere of Obit.
If so, his obit should note that he didn't exactly die; he just failed to be born.
Philip Berrigan, the former priest and antiwar, antiviolence activist who died at age 79, continued to hammer the machinery of death almost until the end; so the New York Times obit writer was wrong when he observed, "though the world had largely stopped paying attention.
The obit pointed out, "His largest successes were equaled by few and admired by many.
The third gaffe appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser obit on a well-known lifeguard who "was credited with developing a strict training regiment for lifeguards.