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a notice of someone's death

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It's true the New York Times regularly devotes more obit ink to the famously departed than do most other publications.
com, on the other hand, is actively recruiting papers to be its affiliates, Maynard says: "We make sure we are linked to the newspapers' obits page.
There has also been fresh interest from film companies following the success of her role in Obit where she appeared nude.
Earlier in the evening, a moment of silence was observed for tax certiorari attorneys Ivan Strong and Matthew Lippman (see obit page 27), who both passed away in January and who were Directors of the Real Estate Tax Review Bar Association.
LOS ANGELES -- Rumors of Abe Vigoda's demise have been a tongue-in-cheek media sport since People magazine once false-started his obit with an unfortunate misprint in a go-go 80's article, followed in this decade by ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" feeding the fire with: "Of these five celebrities, which one is not dead?
The Chicago Sun-Times' obits page contains some of the paper's best writing, including that of award-winning obit author Maureen O'Donnell.
In late May she received the Obit Writer Award for her tribute to Ruth Graham (the remarkable wife of the evangelist Billy Graham), which appeared on obit-mag.
The Post's policy on who gets a news-style written obit continues to be uneven and an irritant to the paper's employees and retirees, who for many decades got a retirement story and obit.
The creationists don't say the world was made by God; they say it was created by [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] "intelligent design," which sounds like some Conran catalog or an obit for that big queen Philip Johnson.
Far too frequently, city editors put the most inexperienced reporters on the obit detail -- and the obits read like it.
But now the friendly local obit writer is more likely to work in the classified ad department than in the newsroom.
The star, in Glasgow to film his new movie, Obit, picked her up and was taken to Easterhouse to buy drugs.
But Erin Mooney had to make her movie debut in the thriller Obit .
It also revealed Vaughan-Barratt sent an email about Savile in May 2010 to Entwistle, who at the time was controller of knowledge commissioning, that read: "We have no obit and I am not sure we would want one.