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Synonyms for obfuscate

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make obscure or unclear

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The extracted items' ratings are obfuscated using a trust based obfuscation mechanism provided by EMCP, such that each item's rating is obfuscated based on the privacy preferences of its owner and estimated trust level with the target user.
DecryptJS is a tool that allows obfuscated JavaScript code to be readable in FireFox.
Potency: The potency of an obfuscation technique indicates, how harder is the obfuscated code to read for a human reader compared with the original source.
com, appear to have added a malicious obfuscated script to the infected page.
Text-based spam still appeals to automated scripts for word scrambling, rephrasing or (synonymic) substitution, while image spam usually deploys obfuscated content.
In this Euro-skeptic history of the genesis and formation of the European Union, generally approaching the topic from a British perspective, Booker (a columnist for the Sunday Telegraph, UK) and North (former research director in the European Parliament) argue that almost from inception, the "European project" has been characterized by deep deception in which the goal of establishing a supranational European government unaccountable to national governments or their electorates was deliberately obfuscated even as they were steadily achieved.
Rafferty weaves silly old cigarette commercials, anti-smoking spots and film clips both random and pointed around the farce that was the 1994 hearings on tobacco, in which the heads of the seven major cigarette companies hilariously obfuscated and qualified and hemmed and hawed and downright lied to Congress.
While moral theologians squirmed in their studies and politicians obfuscated even themselves, while magistrates strained at gnats and swallowed camels, and physicians sold their birthright, Joe kept a clear conscience and therefore a clear mind.
Combined with the existing tamper notification service, Dotfuscator effectively eliminates every incentive to tamper with an obfuscated application.
The exploit used obfuscated Javascript, a trend we identified back in our fourth quarter 2006 Web security trends report," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Finjan's CTO.
This just shows the extent to which the rules can be obfuscated.
The risks of unsecured applications are not solely borne by software developers; users also benefit when the applications they deploy are obfuscated.
However, sophisticated anti-spam software can detect spam which contains deliberately obfuscated words and phrases and prevent it from reaching user inboxes.
Adaptive lexical analysis - Adaptively learns the type of content that is considered confidential by training with public and private documents to identify key phrases, accounting for misspellings, intentionally obfuscated text, and similar patterns close to matching confidential text.