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Synonyms for obfuscate


Synonyms for obfuscate

Antonyms for obfuscate

make obscure or unclear

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We first obfuscate different datasets using EVS algorithm, then super-peers apply SR protocol on these datasets and submit them to PRS.
net/) free Java class files shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and pre-verifier was used to obfuscate Java implementation of experimental program.
Given the chilling statistically significant nature of these results, which stunned onlookers into silence at the recent ESSWAY conference, the company remains fanatically committed to continuing to advance Panaceazam through the OBFUSCATE trial.
Example in Cooperation With the Programmer: If the application to obfuscate access data located in a database, with a little help from the programmer, exceptions could be raised inducing erroneous SQL sentences.
Scully: "Mulder, not everything is a labyrinth of dark conspiracy and not everybody is plotting to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate.
This article did nothing to inform and plenty to obfuscate.
In fact, what he says of proponents of race matching may likewise apply to the many people in American higher education who obfuscate and dissemble when confronted with probing questions about the specific details of preferential admissions policies.
A DISTURBING PLAY ON WORDS Vocabulary may be used to illuminate, enhance, describe or even obfuscate.
Their variegated evolution means certain inevitable compromises that an advisor can illuminate and some salesmen may obfuscate.
By re-imagining Gone With the Wind through a slave's eyes, The Wind Done Gone would help strip away whatever sympathy for Rhett Butler's South still exists in some readers; it would make it that much more difficult to obfuscate the brutality of a society predicated upon slavery with phrases such as the "calm dignity life can have when it's lived by gentle folks" and "the genial grace of days that are gone.
Frankly, all this could be a brilliant strategy to obfuscate the obvious.
To treat the partnership transfer as having been made directly by the partners would be to deliberately obfuscate the distinction when no such action is called for.
So it is in the best interest of the Governor, as we move into the great debate of 1997, that the focus be on the issues and not on collateral items that we know would be thrown up at us to obfuscate the real issues.
The emotion may well be worthy of measuring, the meaning of fathoming or deciphering; but the cultural echoes obfuscate rather than illuminate the gloomy and obscure whole, cooling Dhavetas's intended effect and expended poetic effort.
You may apologize, cover-up, obfuscate and deny each time you place your foot where your fork should be; but you can never reverse the clock.