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Synonyms for obeisance

Synonyms for obeisance

an inclination of the head or body, as in greeting, consent, courtesy, submission, or worship

great respect or high public esteem accorded as a right or as due

Synonyms for obeisance

bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting

the act of obeying

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Reader, in case you've forgotten, obeisance means 'treating with deferential respect.
Taking a dig at other political parties, BSP supremo Mayawati, who is defending her turf, said apart from paying obeisance, leaders should also try to adopt the saint's ideology.
The king prayed at the Prophet's Mosque and paid his obeisance to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
He declined to recognize that the uprising was sparked by the concern that Yanukovich was a tool in the hands of the Russians who had rejected a close association with the EU in favor of obeisance to Moscow.
King Pig is a difficult master and the sheep are worn out in their obeisance and service to him.
The people were clad in colorful clothes and performed special prayers and paid obeisance to various Gods.
In Amritsar, thousands flocked to the Golden Temple to pay obeisance.
With their corruption and their craven obeisance to commercial interests, fIfA are steadily destroying the world Cup.
Suu Kyi arrived at the mausoleum as a family member of Aung San and laid three flower baskets before the tomb of her father before bending down on the floor and paying obeisance.
The very idea of the city council's obeisance towhat the Tory-led government was selling to Liverpool suspended belief before judgement.
Annoying as it is when the Times caters to what it thinks its young readers are (as brilliantly mocked by news anchor Brian Williams, who noted that the Grey Lady treats Brooklyn like it's "like Marrakesh"), I resent that shamelessness less than the paper of record's continued obeisance to nonsensical Boomer pieties like the notionarticulated by the donation of space on the Sunday Op-Ed Pagethat any of us should pay any attention to Fran Lebowitz.
They should not be compelled to participate in or show obeisance to official prayers while serving our country.
In this third contribution to a new series developed by Peeters Publishers, the prolific comparativist Francis Clooney offers a theological exposition of three short verses round in the Srivaisnava devotional tradition of South India: (1) the Tiru Mantra ("Om, obeisance to Narayana [Vishnu]"); (2) the Dvaya Mantra ("I approach for refuge the feet of Narayana with Sri.
It certainly came across as the ancient feudal ceremony in which the knights paid homage and obeisance to their overlord.
NOW hear this; know all persons by these present that we, the most wretched and miserable inhabitants of the township of Odersfeld, do humbly prostrate ourselves in abject obeisance before the citizens of Ledis (sic) forasmuch as our band of stalwart and snappy Terriers, in this the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Eight, were, by the Grace of God and due in no small part to their own stalwart and 'dogged' endeavours, able to overcome those most high-minded and egotistical adherents of McAllister in a recent tournament on the fields of Elland Road by two 'butts' to one.