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Synonyms for obediently

Synonyms for obediently

in an obedient manner


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And we followed him obediently to the Ivory Door, which he threw open, and signed to me to go through first.
What she meant was not very clear, and he directed her to dismiss such fancies from her mind, which she obediently did as well as she could.
He always asked if the patient wanted anything, and when the latter replied that he only wanted to be left in peace, he would turn away obediently and make for the door on tip-toe, with deprecatory gestures to imply that he had only just looked in, that he would not speak a word, and would go away and not intrude again; which did not prevent him from reappearing in ten minutes or a quarter of an hour.
Pierre obediently sat down, his eyes asking if he were doing right.
He paused, gulped it down, obediently, and continued.
Ambrose looked and listened obediently enough, but inwardly she was prey to an uneasy mood not readily to be ascribed to any one cause.
I obediently despised the classic unities and the French and Italian theatre which had perpetuated them, and I revered the romantic drama which had its glorious course among the Spanish and English poets, and which was crowned with the fame of the Cervantes and the Shakespeare whom I seemed to own, they owned me so completely.
Mukhorty ambled on obediently though with difficulty, in the direction in which he was driven.
The ancient obediently dipped his paddle and started pottering an erratic course in the general direction of the cluster of lights that marked the Makambo.
He put the wheel hard over, and the yacht whirled around obediently.
At Grey Beaver's heels he limped obediently through the village to the tepee.
How many potent, grave and reverent tongues discourse to the popular ear in these siren strains, and how obediently and resignedly this same weary popular ear listens
Genevieve stooped obediently over the quiet clay and pressed her lips to the lips yet warm.
Yes, sir," answered Rose obediently, adding to herself, with a shiver, as he went off: "It is too early for bathing, so I know it is something to do with a dreadful boat.
The sentinel obediently withdrew, swearing, and did not return.