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(West Indies) followers of a religious system involving witchcraft and sorcery


a religious belief of African origin involving witchcraft and sorcery


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There are about ten mainstream reviews of Nunez's work and none of them, like colonial Caribbean society, demonstrate a respect for the practice of African-derived Caribbean religions such as Obeah or Vaudun.
One of the plants Kincaid may be speaking of is called guinea hen weed in Antigua, and this plant has remained central to Obeah practice and rural contraception.
7) Those scholars who come nearest to addressing what I read in Voyage in the Dark as the novel's Gothicism restrict their analysis to a specifically Caribbean framework by examining the various references in Rhys's oeuvre to obeah, the Afro-Caribbean system of occult belief and ritualism practiced on her home island.
By the end of the collection, the reader has a good knowledge of island culture, customs and practices from obeah to Methodist or Anglican doctrines to a Pentecostal flavour of religion.
Lacing Caribbean folklore (Anancy stories, cowhoofed obeahs, beautiful soucouyants) and biblical allusions into the work, Yanique produces fiction we might call 'realist mythology.
The health care system for slaves was structured in three sectors: the professional, with European-trained plantation doctors in private practice and estate hospitals; the folk, with Afro-Caribbean healers, including the Obeah (religious) practitioners, herbalists, and nurses; and the popular, composed of relatives, friends, and neighbors.
Among the topics are epidemic, encounter, and colonial promotion in Virginia; African testimony, dangerous communications, and colonial medical knowledge in the 1721 Boston inoculation controversy; and obeah, slave revolt, and plantation medicine in the British West Indies.
En el segundo capitulo se examinan las practicas espirituales de los migrantes, para argumentar, por un lado, que muchas de las tradiciones que se han interpretado como meros remanentes de culturas africanas, especialmente el obeah, eran en realidad productos culturales modernos.
Paton, Diana, & Maarit Forde, Obeah and Other Powers: The Politics of Caribbean Religion and Healing.
Rochester discovers this black magic and is even accused by Antoinette of performing it on her: "You are trying to make me into someone else, that's Obeah too" (WSS: 147).
Their "worst fault," Lewis disparaged, was their "prejudice to Obeah," the "facility" which enables them to carry out their folly.
Through her conflict with Amelie, Antoinette posits the most difficult claim the text offers regarding historical West Indian slavery After Amelie taunts Antoinette, they tussle, Rochester breaks it up, Christophine quits and threatens Amelie with Obeah, and Antoinette tries to explain to Rochester the socio-historical context of the domestic drama: "It was a song about a white cockroach.
In such vodoun or Obeah cults, the term nzambi migrated in meaning to "spirits of the dead.
Meanwhile, Caesar's closest friend Hector is plotting a slave-rebellion against Jeffries, with the help of the Obeah woman Esther: the power of Obeah religious practices over the African mind is documented in a footnote longer than the page.
But by this time she has long acquired the reputation as an obeah woman--a powerful and dangerous conjurer.