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in a stubborn unregenerate manner

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Each of them, obdurately wrong-headed, provides toxic counsel, yet each creates some receptive audience.
From the reverse spelling of Hamlet in "Telmah," through the celebration of the phrase "Swisser swatter" as an orgasmic version of Sir Walter Raleigh, and the cheeky "willy nilly" in his account of Derrida's Glas in "Bryn Glas," these nonsense phrases present themselves as obdurately non-literate.
Instead, the show seamlessly integrated with the extant infrastructures of our era, while simultaneously posing as a weighty, obdurately material reminder of information's earlier, increasingly obsolete forms.
But for a cheeky, opinionated and eloquent nine-year-old, his guileless character remains infuriatingly and obdurately - almost offensively - ignorant of - the reality surrounding him.
Of the three Abrahamic traditions, Islam is also the faith most obdurately viewed as the religion of the desert, even though cities are the location for the major part of its history.
In that state, we refuse a helping hand; we obdurately persist in going off by our lonesome self.
The everyday is thus obdurately present from the outset of the Balbec visit.
The blame, again, lies entirely with Assad, who obdurately stood against any arrangement for a transitional government.
1) Commentators calumnify Article V for making the constitutional text obdurately unresponsive to changing public sentiment.
On the other, those flexibilities remain obdurately fixed: it is only particular kinds of futures (and future lives) that are deemed worth saving (Braun, 2007).
She obdurately forges her personality against the expectations of those around her, using all her resources in tempting others while realizing her own desires, whether calling on the name of God or sweeping aside the rights or the very lives of those around her.
91) Balthasar expresses the same position when he maintains that the "absolute naysayers" continue to be embraced by the fire of absolute divine love, that the fire of God's love is experienced as wrath by anyone who attempts obdurately to reject it.
Waziristan's Qari Shakeel group, responsible for genocide of 23 FC personnel and Taliban of Mohmand Agency led by Umar Khalid Khorasani are known to be obdurately sabotaging the peace process.
In today's obdurately self-centric existence, this event is a gentle reminder to keep the poet within alive -- nurturing values of righteousness, courage, altruism and optimism.
The cases cited in this footnote and the preceding one suggest another point: the lack of requests for injunctions under [section] 2202 cannot be explained on the basis of judicial unwillingness to grant them, because in none of these cases did the court fail to grant a follow-on injunction against an obdurately disobedient defendant.