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Late the next afternoon Tarzan and his Waziri returned with the first load of "belongings," and when the party saw the ancient ingots of virgin gold they swarmed upon the ape-man with a thousand questions; but he was smilingly obdurate to their appeals--he declined to give them the slightest clew as to the source of his immense treasure.
Throw me into this, the empty one, no dinner, and Nature's founts in some poor woman, dried by starving misery and rendered obdurate to claims for which her offspring HAS authority in holy mother Eve.
she was a noble little Dot in such things, and it must have been an obdurate nature that could have withstood her influence.
A strayed Indian from Lake Le Barge was willing to take his place; but Kama was obdurate.
Breakfast, dinner, and supper were very silent meals--for Anne still remained obdurate.
Enough had been done--not only to satisfy Launce, but to produce the right effect on Sir Joseph's mind if Sir Joseph proved obdurate when the secret of the marriage was revealed.
Francois was obdurate, but when he turned his back Buck again displaced Sol-leks, who was not at all unwilling to go.
cried the obdurate lady, stamping her foot upon the ground.
It's very kind in him, but I don't want him to, I'm sure,' said Kit, hammering stoutly at an obdurate nail.
Members of the regional business community made repeated appeals for local councils to put aside party politics and support those aspects of the Powerhouse project which could be widely beneficial, and it was clear they were faced with the same obdurate response from Labour: a complete unwillingness to work with other councils, seek compromise, or encourage any form of pluralism in North Eastern politics.
The latest tragedy has reopened the gun debate but nothing will change in the land of the criminally obdurate.
The documents reveal that the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had briefed the cabinet that government's efforts to resolve the issue through dialogue had failed over sheer obdurate behaviour of Lal Masjid activists.
Paul Horton (83, 188 balls) was obdurate but the Bears nipped out his partners regularly.
The Royals, who are 8-11 shots, are defying conventional T20 wisdom by going well despite boasting an obdurate Test-match batsman in Rahul Dravid as skipper and opener.
After an obdurate stand of 210 between Khurram Khan and Arshad Ali, which left a frustrated Ireland wicketless for two sessions, the final session brought a dramatic turnaround in Irish fortunes.