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seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as 'oats')

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Oaten initially told police the collision was Ms Miller's fault and told a probation officer he was not driving as fast as he could have done.
Oaten, 24, admitted causing death by dangerous driving, while his codefendant Fettah, 20, denied the charge and was found guilty after a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.
Life experience: Mark Oaten lived on a London estate for the Tower Block of Commons series.
Oaten was paired up with 45-year-old Cathy in Dagenham and after being heckled by youths who remembered revelations he'd bedded rent boys he took to lying face down on the grass outside the block.
Mr Oaten, 45, also claims he was abused as a young boy by an unnamed man.
Oaten, who represents Winchester in the House of Commons, is leading a group that will provide media and presentation skills training and development to the health, local government and charitable sectors.
Oaten tabled an early day motion which has called for Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to urgently review the 19-year-old's case and prevent him being sent back to his native Sierra Leone.
After recent revelations from Charles Kennedy and fellow leadership contenders Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes, Mr Huhne said he had nothing to hide in his private life.
The recent revelations about Lib Dems Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes don't upset me on sexual grounds.
Also, one final thought on Mark Oaten, who dropped his leadership challenge days before the rent-boy allegations.
His participation sets up a four-way contest for the vacancy - Simon Hughes declared his candidacy yesterday and Mark Oaten threw his hat into the ring on Tuesday.
LIBERAL DEMOCRAT home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten is expected to announce today that he will challenge for the party leadership.
Shoplifters are four times more likely to be imprisoned today than a decade ago, according to Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Mark Oaten.
Many of our clients currently are re-evaluating their approach to managing their defined benefit pension plans as they adjust to the new funding legislation and pension accounting changes," said David Oaten, head of the North American Pension Advisory Group within the Investment Banking Division of JPMorgan .
Denise Richards spoke out after Joseph Fettah and Jamie Oaten were jailed for causing the death of her 30-year-old daughter Jenna Miller by driving dangerously.