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seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as 'oats')

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Oat straw was used as substrate on a DM basis for in vitro incubation.
Gas production (Vm) and substrate degradation of DM and NDF were not influenced by urea and/or SRU addition for alfalfa hay and oat straw maybe because of the high crude protein content of both substrates.
Case study of bovine dermatitis caused by oat straw infected with Fusarium sporotrichioides.
Another reason for the increased yield of bean after the succession of oat straw is that oat is also a supplier of nutrients to crops succeeding in the medium and long term, especially in the surface layer-for instance the significant increases in levels of P and K in the surface layers of soil (FLOSS, 2000; GAMA-RODRIGUES et al.
The Bier-Bottich-Bad (beer-tubbath) at the Hotel Diana in the beautiful Tyrolean town of Seefeld in Austria costs 4 euros per person, 59 euros per couple, with the oat straw bed an extra 1 euros.
Oat straw is also a poor material because as it composts, it quickly becomes flat and soft contributing to anaerobic conditions.
Decomposition rates of barley and oat straw may be slightly faster than that of wheat straw (Fraser and Francis 1996).
More than 250 bales of oat straw were still burning this morning, more than five hours after the vandals struck.
Oat straw is good for supporting nerves, and lemon balm in tea or as a herbal supplement is calming and helps prevent heart palpitations.
The most labor intensive one uses ordinary oat straw from the family farm, now owned and operated by her brother Glenn and his son Charles, near Melbourne, Iowa.
It was a monstrous affair, but when we got it into the field by the oat bales and finished weaving oat straw into baling twine looped around the blind, you couldn't tell it from the real bales.
Add oat straw to help remove green algae that can build up.