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a building containing an oast (a kiln for drying hops)

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To the side of the property is the beautiful oast house that currently contains an indoor swimming pool, gym and entertaining area with a flexible mezzanine space.
Part of the house, next to the old Manor in the Warwickshire village of Newbold, was converted from a 250 year-old oast house.
Strangely familiar, yet dramatically new, a form of abstract post-modernism brought a new play on architectural simile--'it's like a barn, an oast house, but with a twist'.
One of the best known sale-ring figures, John Hanlon, universally known as `the shark', paid 28,000gns early on to get the well-related juvenile Oast House from the Juddmonte draft.
Oceanic Wine Brands Ltd, The Oast House, Aylton Court, Aylton, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2QH.
The hops are grown in Kaiser, Oregon, and kiln-dried at a Willamette Valley oast house (an oast house is a structure where hops are dried).
Located within Chavasse Park in Liverpool One, the bar and restaurant follows the success of The Smugglers Cove at Albert Dock, and further afield The Oast House, Botanist and Trading House.
It's up against the Richmond Arms at West Ashling, near Chichester, West Sussex, with its wood-fired vintage wagon pizza concept, and the Oast House in Manchester with its winter tepee.
Surrounded by revellers at Manchester's Christmas markets, the footballers kicked off their party at one of the city's newest pubs, The Oast House.
The Royal Palace - the best preserved medieval palace in Portugal -with its two chimneys, resembling a giant oast house is Moorish in origin, and is one of the oldest buildings in Portugal.
He was gentle, a man who remained unspoiled despite his new environment,' adds Tremayne in Racers Apart, 'and admitted there were times when he'd far rather be away from the commercialism of the sport, back with Nella in the converted oast house they had bought in Kent.
TRIBUTE TO LUTHER VANDROS: Oast House, Church Hill, Redditch.
Here, close to the Barn House, Owl House and Oast House tower blocks off Cottsmeadow Drive, is one of the most beautiful walks in the city where you could even pretend that Birmingham has its own beach.
Although King Harold's last stand was our primary target, we stayed in a converted barn next to an oast house in Tonbridge, half an hour up the line by train from Battle, but a good base for going back nearly 1,000 years in time.