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Synonyms for oar

stick your oar in


Words related to oar

an implement used to propel or steer a boat

References in classic literature ?
Tom said, in a deep, hoarse voice, loosing the oars, and clasping her.
Then the oars were got out, and the boats forming in a line moved round her remains as if in procession--the long-boat leading.
My men dropped the oars and fell off the thwarts as if dead.
A splashing of oars, a measured dip reverberating on the level of water, intensified by the silence of the shore into loud claps, made me jump up.
They had pulled one sudden stroke ahead, had got their oars in, had run athwart us, and were holding on to our gunwale, before we knew what they were doing.
What with the cries aboard the steamer, and the furious blowing off of her steam, and her driving on, and our driving on, I could not at first distinguish sky from water or shore from shore; but, the crew of the galley righted her with great speed, and, pulling certain swift strong strokes ahead, lay upon their oars, every man looking silently and eagerly at the water astern.
The vessels were indeed so far apart now that the Genoese could use the full sweep of their oars, and draw away rapidly from the cog.
Alice echoed in a tone that was half astonished and half frightened--for the oars, and the boat, and the river, had vanished all in a moment, and she was back again in the little dark shop.
A total of 168 Russian athletes were approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to compete in Pyeongchang under the OAR banner and a neutral flag.
For meldonium, which increases blood flow, to be performanceenhancing it must be used on a regular basis and over a prolonged period of time, the OAR statement added.
The athletes who will compete under OAR were chosen through a process outlined by the IOC.
The OAR continues its emphasis on strong environmental credentials combined with an increasing focus on the provenance of supply sources.
Aussie forward Oar said: "I've made a few appearances off the bench but my last 90 minutes was a long time ago.
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