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Swift as thought, Hawkeye seized the advantage, and discharged his fatal weapon into the top of the oak.
Both road and stream wound up through a valley dense with scrub oak and fir.
It was nearly midway between the oak and the house.
At first it was comparatively easy to see, for the lights of the house shone faintly among the nearer oaks.
Crossing the stream, he struck faint vestiges of a wood-road, used, evidently, a generation back, when the meadow had been cleared of its oaks.
From the oak tree by the kitchen door, in tattered, weatherbeaten garments, hung the bodies of two men.
More leaping tree squirrels, more ruddy madronos and majestic oaks, more fairy circles of redwoods, and, still beside the singing stream, they passed a gate by the roadside.
Thereat the Sweetness of the Strength of the Oak smiled upon me and said,--
Here under a mighty oak they found the rest of the band, some of whom had come in with a brace of fat does.
As he advanced in life, the young man adopted pine and oak as eligible materials for the display of his skill, which now began to bring him a return of solid silver as well as the empty praise that had been an apt reward enough for his productions of evanescent snow.
She was leaning over the paling of split oak branches which formed the paling of the avenue.
The hard red bricks have only grown more firmly set with time, and their oak stairs do not creak and grunt when you try to go down them quietly.
Yes, the oak is right, a thousand times right," thought Prince Andrew.
The Wild Sow, whom you see daily digging up the earth, wishes to uproot the oak, so she may on its fall seize our families as food for her young.
The tradition was broken, the Brownon estates passed into alien hands and the only Brownons remaining in that place were underground in Oak Hill Cemetery, where, indeed, was a colony of them powerful enough to resist the encroachment of surrounding tribes and hold the best part of the grounds.