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Here stood a great oak tree with branches spreading broadly around, beneath which was a seat of green moss where Robin Hood was wont to sit at feast and at merrymaking with his stout men about him.
With its clean, energetic illustrations and opposite page paragraphs format, "The Crow and the Big Oak Tree" tells the story of a large black crow who chose not to share hi preferred oak tree with other creatures, even birds, who were different from him.
They are looking at the experiences of some European countries in dealing with similar declines in oak tree population.
RESIDENTS have pledged to surround an old oak tree today - in a bid to stop developers chopping it down.
NEWLY crowned Crosby and District Sunday Football League champions Oak Tree Pub FC completed a clean sweep of honours in beating Saltbox FC 4-3 to claim the Lal Evans Memorial Trophy at Bootle.
Oak Tree Lodge, in Oak Tree Cottage, is available to rent on a furnished or unfurnished basis, from October, for PS400pcm, through Sanderson Young, tel: 01661 823951.
The Avenue Primary School at Nunthorpe was paid a visit by woodland sculptor Steve Iredale who has transformed an oak tree with the use of a chainsaw.
The Old Selly Oak Tree painting depicts the original oak tree at the corner of Oak Tree Lane and Bristol Road in Selly Oak.
Breeders' Cup Ltd issued a statement underlining its commitment to resolving the issue with Oak Tree Racing Association, the non-profit group that leases Santa Anita for the autumn meeting and Breeders' Cup races on November 6-7.
A BRITISH resident of Stroumbi in Paphos has been charged with cutting down a protected oak tree, said to be 70 years old.
The old oak cut down on Heritage Oak Court last month was the biggest coast live oak tree in Simi Valley, said Mike Kuhn, an environmental planner for the city from 1974-2003 who surveyed 4,000 of the city's oaks.
Unveiled at the Antiques for Everyone Fair at the NEC, the painting shows a local oak tree chopped down in Selly Oak in 1909.
Snow showers delayed kick-off for 10 minutes but the game had a blistering start with Clinton using the strong tail-wind to pepper the Oak Tree goal.
With estimates ranging anywhere from 300 to 1,000 years old, the oldest resident of this retirement community is a glorious live oak tree (Quercus virginiana).
Denholtz Associates has announced the completion of a new retail/office building at Oak Tree Business Center in South Plainfield, N.
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