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oak gall caused by larvae of a cynipid wasp

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We should hold more festival days celebrating the monarchy, such as Oak Apple Day on May 29, marking the restoration of Charles II.
Oak Apple House, Deansfield Road, Brewood, price tag pounds 435,000.
Anyway, tonight's episode, Dead Letters, is set during the village's annual knees-up, Oak Apple Week.
Wednesday June 2 - Follow the self guided CONKERS Trail to celebrate Oak Apple Day (free)
THE Royalist celebration of Oak Apple Day is being recreated on Saturday at Beamish Museum.
But some, like the oak apple gall (2), are two inches (5 cm) across.
1651: Oak Apple Day marks King Charles II finding safety in an oak tree in the grounds of Boscobel House, Shropshire, after the Battle of Worcester.
The quiz has been inspired by Oak Apple Day, May 29 to mark the restoration of King Charles II to the throne in 1660.
Pubs the length and breadth of the land were re-named The Royal Oak, King Charles' birthday was celebrated as Oak Apple Day and pictures of the famous tree were hawked around by the pamphleteers.
Backing him to the hilt were the victorious Oak Apple Syndicate, who comfortably carried off the prize for the least restrained vocal performance of the day.