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The nymphalid butterflies use WntA one way, the monarch for quite another.
Effects of forest management on diversity and abundance of fruit-feeding nymphalid butterflies in south-eastern Cote d'Ivoire.
tinctoria attracts more number of individuals and species of Nymphalid butterflies when compared to those of other families of butterflies suggesting that Nymphalid butterflies play a key role in the pollination.
I used fruit-baited traps to sample Nymphalid butterflies from primary forest and forest selectively logged 15 years previously in Danum Valley, Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) for a 10-month period between April 2003 and December 2004.
We conclude that the plant was widespread in Georgia and the southeast long before colonial settlement and the migration of the nymphalid butterfly was established long ago.
Other visitors contributing significant visitation were nymphalid, papilionid, and pierid butterflies, anthophorine and megachilid solitary bees, pepsid spider wasps and two species of sunbirds (Nectarinia hunteri and N.
The basal structure of Nymphalidae is left unresolved where Harvey (1991) conflicts with Scott and Wright (1990), but the nymphalid taxonomic groupings in our phylogeny follow the taxonomy of Harvey (1991).
It is a widespread nymphalid found in the American continent from central Canada to Guatemala, often in clearings (Bitzer and Shaw 1979, Tuberville et al.
Boggs (1997b) showed that females of two species of nymphalid butterflies rapidly incorporate male-derived amino acids and glucose into eggs.
We are interested in the potential for evolutionary change of butterfly wing patterns and, more specifically, in morphological variation of the eyespot patterns of the nymphalid butterfly, Bicyclus anynana (Brakefield and French 1993; Monteiro et al.