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a liplike structure that bounds a bodily orifice (especially any of the four labiate folds of a woman's vulva)

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poses with Camella's Merrygalo Grand Winner Nympha Fontanilla (center) and her mother Imelda during Camella's '40RWARD' Marketing Conference held last January 23 at Crosswinds, Tagaytay.
Although Mary Christophe loved Rosa, she names her Nympha out of anger towards Clara Appleton's mistreatment of her and her children: I tell her because I was sick and tired of her she treated me.
By contrast, the understory species Taygetis nympha showed the opposite pattern, being more abundant on the ridge in the wet season and more abundant in the valley in the dry season.
Hylan Nympha praedata temperasset amori suo, si venturum ad interdictum Herculem credidisset.
Alternative mate-locating tactics in the butterfly Chlosyne californica (Lepidoptera, Nympha lidae).
All four species are coral and coral-rock associated gobies: Gobiodon prolixus Winterbottom & Harold, 2005, and Pleurosicya plicata Larson, 1990, are associated with living corals of the families Acroporidae and Faviidae respectively, Trimmatom nanus Winterbottom & Emery, 1981, was found on a coral-rock habitat and Feia nympha Smith, 1959, was found on sand under a small stone at the base of fringing coral reef.
We have a very successful track record in the implementation and execution of advanced technology initiatives for patient safety and quality care delivery," stated Nympha Meindel, RN, FACHE, vice president and Chief Information Officer at Kingsbrook.
Hypsiboas nympha Faivovich, Moravec, Cisneros- <600 Heredia, & Kohler, 2006 244.
Como ilustracion literaria bastara recordar un poema latino del siglo XV, que comenzaba con las palabras "Huius Nympha loci", y que podriamos traducir asi: "Como Ninfa de este lugar, guardo sus sagrados manantiales y duermo arrullada por el murmullo de este agua.
nympha colit, sed nec venatibus apta nec arcus flectere quae soleat nec quae contendere cursu, solaque naiadum celeri non nota Dianae.
Women--Priscilla, Junia, Lydia, Chloe, Nympha, Apphia, Phoebe, and more--served in positions of leadership.
According to Nympha Aristisaval of Ser Mujer, eighteen groups of "bakers, seamstresses, mothers of the community, vendors of fish, shellfish and street food, charcoal makers, and handicrafts makers" from Tumaco came together in 1992 and established a formal cooperative a year later.