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Synonyms for nutritive

providing nourishment

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritive

of or providing nourishment

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However, sugarcane bagasse is low in nutritive value as very low level of protein (800 g/kg, ADF > 600 g/kg and ADL>100 g/kg) ( Balgess et al.
Tuber crops like potato, tapioca, hundreds of varieties of yams and sweet potato are the major tuber crops that can substitute cereals/millets in-Toto, while tuber vegetables like carrot, turnip, beet root, knoll kohl, radish or any other locally available tubers can be mixed with potato, tapioca and yams to enrich their nutritive and gustatory value.
Conversely, a claim that an animal supplement affects the structure or function of the body apart from its nutritive value (a non-nutritive ingredient) is considered a drug claim, and the product will be categorized as a drug.
The studies were distributed in the following categories of speech therapy care in NICU's: assessment of the oral-motor-sensory system, stimulation of the oral-motor-sensory system, non-nutritive sucking, nutritive sucking, breast feeding and neonatal hearing screening in population with congenital heart disease.
47) Aristotle makes two claims in the early chapters of De anima 2 that are relevant here: (a) there is a hierarchy of faculties, with the nutritive faculty at the bottom, the perceptual faculty in the middle, and the intellectual faculty at the top; (48) (b) the lower faculties are present in the higher ones potentially.
The predicted increase of drought incidents even in temperate climates might affect not only yield but the nutritive value of grassland herbage as well.
However, these processes reduce the nutritive value of the milk.
of Bentonville, Winrock International of Little Rock, MANA Nutritive Aid Products and the city of Russellville.
This iron is designed with a triple oil-infused conditioning system, using moringa, macademia, and argan--which are some of nature's purest oils and valued for their nutritive properties.
Probiotics, prebiotics, and various nutritive factors such as glutamine and fish oil are valuable interventions to promote gastrointestinal health.
A biological research on the nutritive contribution of Sahara dust to the microbial productivity of the Arabian Gulf marine ecosystem has won $700,000 grant from the Qatar Foundation.
Both female and male sea urchins have somatic cells called nutritive phagocytes that are specialized for this purpose.
Studies have shown that adults who are fitter tend to have larger medial temporal lobes, and that physical activity increases nutritive blood supply to the hippocampus, but this is the first study to look at the effect of aerobic exercise on the size of the hippocampus in later life.