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Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to or providing nutrition


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In AJPA, "famine" was most commonly used to refer to malnutrition or nutritional stress as consequences of famine; 42.
Blood samples will be taken from collared animals and used for a suite of physiological measurements: 1) cortisol, a measure of stress axis activity; 2) oxidative stress, an indicator of cellular degradation and susceptibility to pathological problems; 3) hematocrit, a measure of red blood cell production and an indicator of health; 4) the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, an indicator of immune function; and 5) thyroid hormone, an indicator of nutritional stress.
This study addresses for the first time the effects of intense nutritional stress on hemocyte activities in this freshwater bivalve, with special focus on ecotoxicology and ecology.
Some studies found that food stress were related with higher FA, while, in some other studies, FA remains unaffected by nutritional stress (for review see Vishalakshi, 2011; Vijendravarma et al.
They had so much nutritional stress that they couldn't produce adequate milk and get back into breeding condition.
Key words: Enamel hypoplasia, white-tailed deer, Odocoileus Virginian us, nutritional stress
In this case, it is adaptive for mothers to produce more sons when conditions are poor because sons are much less vulnerable to nutritional stress than daughters," Pryke explained.
Sharma says the variety has already shown enormous promise in lifting Indian villagers out of the cycle of economic poverty and nutritional stress in some of the poorest regions:
With most ewes now at the critical implantation stage of pregnancy, any nutritional stress can cause embryos to be reabsorbed.
14) The theory that differences in children's response to nutritional stress, led to some children developing kwashiorkor and others marasmus has not been proved with conclusive documentation of the differences in mechanisms of adaptation to nutritional stress.
As condition continues to worsen, and subcutaneous and visceral stores of fat are exhausted, an animal switches to marrow fat as a source of energy, which is the last source of fat mobilized during severe nutritional stress (Ransom, 1965; Anderson et al.
For example, a plant may be under attack by caterpillars feeding on leaves, a root rot fungus may be damaging the root system, all the while drought and nutritional stress is weakening the entire plant.
Nutritional stress caused a different response than osmotic stress for catalase activity and canophyllol accumulation, whereas [H.
Your body is under more nutritional stress than it was during pregnancy, so eat plenty of protein, iron and calcium and have lots of fluids and fresh fruit and vegetables.
Overall, 45% had signs of infection defined by C-reactive protein levels greater than 0 mg/L; when this occurred, ZPP increased significantly, showing how infection may worsen nutritional stress in these children, Dr.
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