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Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to or providing nutrition


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This study addresses for the first time the effects of intense nutritional stress on hemocyte activities in this freshwater bivalve, with special focus on ecotoxicology and ecology.
They had so much nutritional stress that they couldn't produce adequate milk and get back into breeding condition.
Anthropological studies of early humans suggested that the stressors causing enamel hypoplasia may have been associated with the transition from a hunting to a gathering society, the introduction of foreign pathogens, and/or weaning and nutritional stress (2).
These simple precautions would minimize capture of birds and situations of extreme nutritional stress in which birds may exhibit cannibalistic behavior, and would aid in conservation of local bird populations.
Teutonico R and D Knorr Plant Tissue Culture: Food Applications and the Potential Reduction of Nutritional Stress Factors.
As condition continues to worsen, and subcutaneous and visceral stores of fat are exhausted, an animal switches to marrow fat as a source of energy, which is the last source of fat mobilized during severe nutritional stress (Ransom, 1965; Anderson et al.
For example, a plant may be under attack by caterpillars feeding on leaves, a root rot fungus may be damaging the root system, all the while drought and nutritional stress is weakening the entire plant.
Your body is under more nutritional stress than it was during pregnancy, so eat plenty of protein, iron and calcium and have lots of fluids and fresh fruit and vegetables.
Remarkably though, Romito 2 shows no evidence of nutritional stress, having consumed more than enough calories for a relatively healthy existence.
1990) suggests that there was nutritional stress in the lower Pecos population.
She adds, "We will reveal how enzyme nutrition presents a systematic approach to locating the nutritional stress in the body and address how those stress points are easily corrected with supplemental enzymes.
The high frequency of EH on the first and second molars suggests that weaning is a period of significant nutritional stress for young Virginia opossums, and the frequency of EH on the third molar suggests that dispersal may be a physiologically stressful time period as well.
The elephant, a huge package of food that is easy to hunt, disappeared from the Middle East 400,000 years ago - an event that must have imposed considerable nutritional stress on Homo erectus.
Supplemental feed and minerals are not a replacement for food plots, but they can compliment a food plot program that may not be able to compete with a hungry deer herd, especially in times of nutritional stress.
The theory of dysadaptation explains a different perspective related to differential host response leading to different outcomes (kwashiorkor or marasmus) under nutritional stress, and underpins a wider perspective of metabolic and enzymatic variances leading to oedema formation.
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