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Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to or providing nutrition


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The objective of the grant is to scale-up nutrition intervention in the province and improve the nutritional status of children under two-years of age, as well as pregnant and lactating women.
The project will target individuals in the period of the life cycle which is most critical for improving nutritional status -the 1000 days from conception to the first two years of life.
LBM% is a marker of nutritional status, and our aim was to assess the degree of correlation between the nutritional status as assessed by ASFM and SGA, in comparison with DEXA scan evaluation, in patients on chronic hemodialysis.
Conclusion: Maternal education has definite and significant effect on nutritional status of children.
The Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transition (SMART) guidelines provide an integrated approach in assessing nutritional status and mortality rate in a humanitarian crisis [2].
The nutritional status assessment was based on four categories, including biochemical indicators (haemoglobin, serum albumin and cholesterol), measure of body mass index, reduced body fatness, decreased muscle mass and low protein or energy intake.
They are the future mothers and their nutritional status determines their health status in the next stage of their lives.
Maternal employment, childcare, and nutritional status of 12-18-month-old children in Managua, Nicaragua, Soc Sci Med.
Conclusion: Floods had a long term effect on nutritional status of school aged children as shown by chronic malnutrition or stunting.
Handgrip strength may be a useful nutritional status indicator, particularly where anthropometric measurements fail to distinguish undernourished from underweight persons.
After selection sample, a house-to-house visit was made and information regarding the children's sociodemographic data and present nutritional status was collected.
It is a programme of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States.
Khan said this mutual agreement would help government of Balochistan and would be far achieving better nutritional status of women and children of the province.
Khan said that mutual agreement would help government of Balochistan far achieving better nutritional status of women and children of the province.
Results: At the completion of CRF, the nutritional status in the NST group were much better than those in the control group, as evidenced by prealbumin (ALB), transferrin, and ALB parameters (P = 0.
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