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Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to or providing nutrition


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Marilou Roderos, DEpEd representative to the Provincial Nutrition Council (PNC), said the fund was released to various schools in the 15 municipalities to help severely wasted and wasted schoolchildren in improving their nutritional status.
She explained that her involvement with Abaseen Foundation, spanning over a decade, offered her opportunities to work in poor settings and was cognizant of the poor nutritional status of children and females.
The study sought to test whether the differences in nutritional status of children in different households (male headed, de jure female -headed and de facto female -headed) was significant.
I feel strongly that the SCPHN health visitor role would be better engaged in promoting better diet and nutritional status to reduce the incidence of postnatal depressive illness and other conditions than to spend large amounts of time offering CBT.
The performance of Pakistan in social indicators including the nutritional status of children is not satisfactory.
Deforestation adversely affect to their nutritional status.
According to the researchers, these tattoos attached to the chest of a patient or even a newborn will monitor a wide range of vital signs including heart rate, nutritional status, body temperature, hydration and breathing rate.
In spite of proven negative clinical outcomes of malnutrition, the screening of nutritional status and treatment of malnutrition during hospital stay is still not a standard practice.
The data includes amounts and percentages of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other components that affect the nutritional status, health, and safety of the consumer.
To study their nutritional status with reference to above findings
Nutritional status is a significant factor that may influence operative outcomes in orthopaedic patients.
2) Assessing the degree of malnutrition is complicated as there is no single ideal measure of nutritional status.
The National Institutes of Health has undertaken a new program to discover, develop and distribute measures of nutritional status.
Nutritional status should be assessed in children with a history of cancer, and appropriate dietary modifications and nutritional supplements should be recommended.
5) Malnutrition has been postulated to be a contributory factor in the development of cardiomyopathy in HIV-infected individuals, but to the best of our knowledge the association of nutritional status with HIV-associated cardiomyopathy has not been established in appropriately designed studies.
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