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How little real sympathy there exists between us; how many of my thoughts and feelings are gloomily cloistered within my own mind; how much of my higher and better self is indeed unmarried - doomed either to harden and sour in the sunless shade of solitude, or to quite degenerate and fall away for lack of nutriment in this unwholesome soil
These several dispositions were not long in making, and the little group was soon seated about a repast which, though it might want the elegancies to which the bride of Middleton had been accustomed, was not deficient in the more important requisites of savour and nutriment.
Wonder not then, what God for you saw good If I refuse not, but convert, as you, To proper substance; time may come when men With Angels may participate, and find No inconvenient Diet, nor too light Fare: And from these corporal nutriments perhaps Your bodies may at last turn all to Spirit Improv'd by tract of time, and wingd ascend Ethereal, as wee, or may at choice Here or in Heav'nly Paradises dwell; If ye be found obedient, and retain Unalterably firm his love entire Whose progenie you are.
Although there is no indication [this was] an ordinary burial, it seems that some people tried to give the deceased scarce nutriment as grave goods.
With the inauguration of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to the presidential palace, one of the key highlighted sectors that needed up turning and nutriment was Egypt's economy.
Of course, Goethe had said something similar to Johann Peter Eckermann and even expressed a particular longing: "There is something more or less wrong among us old Europeans; our relations are far too artificial and complicated, our nutriment and mode of life are without their proper nature, and our social intercourse is without proper love and good Often one cannot help wishing that one had been born upon one of the South Sea Islands, a so-called savage, so as to have thoroughly enjoyed human existence in all its purity, without any adulteration.
Honey was and still is a treasured nutriment in Arab region.
Finally, Avicenna stated that Bile is a nutriment to all tissues of a yellow hue, especially tendons and cartilage--a concept that overlaps with Chinese Medicine.
Different studies reported the prevalence of abdominal obesity in diabetic people [37] Most nutriment researchers and specialists suggest doing permanent and durable aerobic exercise to consume fats as a source of producing energy and also suggest using low fat diet (less than % 30) to loss weigh [38] The intensity of exercise is important to loss the weight since there is no intense physical moving and activity in yoga exercise, these changes didin't occur.
But bodily nutriment spills over into creative and romantic nourishment.
Years after the United Kingdom's statutory rationing ended, foreign nutriment remained so inconceivable that one producer at the Panorama television program devised for April Fool's Day 1957 a hoax documentary about spaghetti farming, in the serene confidence that the British masses would believe every word of it.
Gail Kern Paster describes the understanding that preceded Harvey saying that "In the conceptual linking of blood flow, both arterial and venous, with neural transmission, blood, spirit, and sensation become nearly indistinguishable in action and properties," indicating that blood was not merely the purveyor of nutriment hut the substance of identity.
Nonetheless, gradually, as the current of nutriment and growth is weakened, the revolutions of the immortal soul tend to revert to their normal course.
The dried extract, to which water is added before consumption, is a government-approved, nonprescription medical nutriment for cancer patients in Hidvegi's native Hungary.
Menenius, a patrician senator, has a famous speech early on defending his class to that same mob by analogizing the city to a body with the patricians as the stomach, taking in the nutriment and distributing it as appropriate.