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Synonyms for nutrient

providing nourishment

Synonyms for nutrient

any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis

Related Words

of or providing nourishment

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Each year, new food-nutrient profiles are added to the database, and existing nutrient profiles are updated using data generated by USDA-ARS through its National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program and other collaborations, including with the food industry.
There is a technology gap in nutrient recovery from the main treatment train.
Nutrient content per serving of food, divided by retail price per serving adjusted for preparation and waste, yields the Affordable Nutrition Index.
Begert, discovered the benefits of the Nutrient Depletions app when his own physician alerted him to his low blood calcium levels.
In legal context, this quote is an excerpt from Title 21: Food and Drug Administration, Part 101--Food Labeling, Subpart D--Specific Requirements for Nutrient Content Claims.
Hence, there is increasing pressure to better match these expensive inputs to crop needs and to maximise the returns achieved by grain growers from their nutrient management.
DRV is a general term used to cover: Estimated average requirement (EAR): This is the average amount of energy or a nutrient needed by a group of people.
Bat guano contains all of the macro nutrients as well as minor and trace elements essential for plant growth.
For example, non-point source nutrient pollution from coastal watersheds is a major problem, that has affected more than 60% of coastal rivers and bays (Howarth et al.
Nutrient dynamics investigations provide insight into watershed/stream-sediment interactions.
This study evaluated biological treatment of bleached kraft mill effluent in a nutrient (phosphorus) limited moving bed biofilm process followed by an activated sludge process on a pilot plant scale.
Excessive intake of regular pop either contributes excessive energy to the diet leading to obesity or decreases intake of foods with a higher nutrient density leading to deficient nutrient intake.
All of the elements of the campaign -- television ads, print ads and outdoor billboards and transit ads-- display the numerous nutrients that milk gives to a healthy person by superimposing the various nutrient names and benefits over the photos.
Eat 3-4 squares and 1-2 power snacks daily in order to maintain a high metabolic rate and balanced nutrient intake.
Irradiation results in minimal nutrient loss, just like other forms of food processing, such as drying, freezing and pasteurization.