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Synonyms for nutrient

providing nourishment

Synonyms for nutrient

any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis

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of or providing nourishment

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The Nutrient Sensor Action Challenge builds on the 2014 Nutrient Sensor Challenge, which helped facilitate the development of affordable, high-performing, continuous nutrient sensors and analyzers.
The findings showed that Americans need to think twice before cutting bread from their diets, specifically, because grain foods pack more of a nutrient punch than a caloric one in adult diets.
It must meet the dry matter nutrient levels and ratios of the lead family product for crude protein, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, lysine, and thiamine.
The following data are studied on the diaphyseal nutrient foramina of femur:
In wheat ZnO nanoparticles cause the encouragement of lateral roots and change the root architecture, which could contribute in the overall uptake of nutrients.
Adequate intake, used in the absence of EAR, is taken from the average intake of a nutrient among a group of apparently healthy individuals.
OBSERVATION: All the bones had a single nutrient foramen (table- 1).
A University of Florida study discovered that people who consumed more plant-based foods and, in turn, higher amounts of nutrients, such as phytochemicals and minerals, maintained healthier body weights and experienced less internal inflammation linked to chronic diseases than people with lower intakes of nutrient-dense foods, even though both groups took in about the same number of daily calories.
Each year, new food-nutrient profiles are added to the database, and existing nutrient profiles are updated using data generated by USDA-ARS through its National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program and other collaborations, including with the food industry.
There is a technology gap in nutrient recovery from the main treatment train.
Although the tendency is to rate foods based on a few nutrients, these techniques can also rate food quality based on the total nutrient package: protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and multiple micronutrients, and not just fat, sugar and salt.
Providing information on over 700 commonly prescribed drugs known to deplete the body of its natural nutrients, Nutrient Depletions gives easy-to-use recommendations on nutrient replenishment.
One of the goals of organic or Biodynamic vineyard management is to reduce the amount of off-farm nutrient inputs by growing cover crops, adding compost made on the farm, manures from on-farm livestock and encouraging soil microbial populations.
While the USDA"s scientifically based Healthy Eating Index (HEI) mainly measures the recommended eating pattern from the five food groups, the NRF Index goes a step further by focusing on the nutrient density of individual foods and beverages, therefore enabling people of all ages to choose more nutrient-rich foods first to build healthier diets.