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providing physical and emotional care and nourishment

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When men are more involved with their infants in care-giving and perceive themselves as nurturant, caring, and protecting, they experience less decline in marital adjustment and satisfaction (Belsky, Lang, & Rovine, 1985).
The empathy and psychological androgyny evidenced in the young men in this study was also consistent with research findings of Carlson (1984), Lemkau, (1984), and Robinson, Skeen, and Coleman (1984), who found males in nontraditional careers to be more nurturant, altruistic, and emotionally sensitive.
Discourses of development and maturation represent "the child" as a being who unfolds out of an infancy in which he is radically, vitally dependent on nurturant others, to a place of full individual autonomy where he becomes his "own" person, renouncing dependence to emerge as a self-sufficient individual.
The empirical data mandated that all questions dealing with femininity, the raising of children, and so-called nurturant occupations be dropped because none were able to predict.
By contrast, in the semen-ingesting homosexual syndrome the properties of women that the men seemed concerned to appropriate focused rather on their capacities to receive semen in the act of sexual intercourse and to give milk in the nurturant context.
Theorizing Autobiography and Materialist Feminist Pedagogy" critiques ways in which class assumptions frame the possibilities for teacher-student interactions, valorizing the nurturant middle-class teacher and thus eliminating the voice of the working-class teacher or student.
Traditional culturally defined scripts suggest that men are expected to be instrumental and assertive and women to be expressive and nurturant (Lawrance, Taylor & Byers, 1996).
The nurturant role was enacted by the EOI nurse as she helped the person arrange his personal possessions so that they could provide continual supportive props (Brown, 1961; Campbell et al.
Just as the social structure on Rhyonon closely matches the disparities in individual empowerments implicit in contemporary standard English and manifest in contemporary societies that speak it, so the egalitarian, accepting, and nurturant society embodied at Morgre and Dyethshome most closely manifests the potentials suggested by Arachnia standard, potentials that are farthest from contemporary social practice.
Thus, in addition to reducing the dysfunctional effects of power distance and uncertainty avoidance, nurturant leadership also uses to advantage the facilitating features of low individualism and low masculinity.
The protean quality of the thymotic temperament contrasts sharply with the fundamental soundness and equilibrium that is typical of the nurturant temperament.
All values in contiguous relationship to the dominant signifier - independent, rational, aggressive, intellectual - are privileged when juxtaposed with all values in contiguous relationship to the subordinate signifier - nurturant, intuitive, passive, emotional.
The process is school-based, involves the total faculty, builds community, serves to increase student learning through the study of instruction and curriculum, and seeks to provide a nurturant organization through collective study of the health of the school (Joyce et al.
He is able to form harmonious relationships primarily with altruists who have a high motivational need to give but not to receive and, in general, he exhibits a fairly high degree of dependency on others who are nurturant (Ribal, 1962, p.
Moreover, adolescence is (in the society Clausen studied) the point in the life course at which individuals characteristically much enlarge the scope of their interactions with institutions beyond the family, an especially nurturant and forgiving institution in which young people's ill-laid or inconsistently carried-out plans are not so consequential as they are on the outside.