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providing physical and emotional care and nourishment

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This not only pegs her as a twin-soul to Putta; it also sets her up in the courtesan-temptress mold as a counter to the nurturant Eros incarnated by Chandri.
Examining the biopsychosocial pathways to nurturant, caring parenting by men is important for fostering positive social interactions, family relations, and developmental outcomes.
Hearing an increasingly upset baby, with shrieking cries that are rising, without being able to provide a nurturant response might cue a danger or emergency physiological response for infant protection," she said.
When interactions with adult caretakers are consistent and nurturant, infants internalize the positive exchanges, and develop a representation of self as "good me".
It is important to recognize that nurturant and responsible fathers are more prevalent among well-educated and financially stable households (Palkovitz, Christiansen, & Dunn, 1998), which, compared to less affluent and stable household, may have the "luxury" of fathers being more present at home.
Women's nurturant or collaborative style of leadership will do wonders in politics.
Yet these contemporary characters are certainly nothing like the self-abnegating or naturally nurturant heroines that Radway identified in her 1991 study.
The notion that formative experiences might sensitise men to nurturant abilities has been reported in the literature.
Weiss's six categories of relational functions are: a) intimacy, which encompasses trust, understanding, availability, and freedom to express; b) social integration, which allows for mutual sharing, experiencing, and exchanging of ideas and information; c) opportunity for nurturant behavior, which includes the ability to care for a child or caretaking of a dependent; d) reassurance of worth, which occurs in a work setting where success and achievement drives can be met; e) assistance or reliable alliance, which reflects the relationship with siblings or close family members; and f) guidance, whereby an authority figure can provide emotional support and assist in overcoming the stressor.
We have observed nurturant interactions in all settings where we collected our data: Thailand, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom (UK), Peru, the United States (USA), and Turkey.
The gender schema for women is different; it includes being nurturant, expressive, communal, and concerned about others.
For women, being in an unemotional relationship, being unattractive, being victimized, behaving assertively, and not being nurturant or perceived as nurturant, are interpreted as particularly stressful (these five factors comprise the Feminine Gender Role Stress scale (FGRS; Gillespie & Eisler, 1992)).
Lakoff (2002) links conservatives to a frame that is based on a Strict Father ideology, while liberals use a frame based on a Nurturant Parent ideology.
The employer who thinks that employees are being given a great opportunity to thrive and, if left to their own devices, will do so, as per the nurturant parent style, may experience dismay with the employee who has not responded well to that leadership style.