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physical and emotional care and nourishment

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In sum, targets elicit more nurturance if they have more child-like and vulnerable characteristics, and the need to protect vulnerable targets is present even in low-need situations.
My hope is that we may consider more integrally both the kind of nurturance children are in need of, as well as the kind of feminine presence and spiritual "mothers" the church has long been in need of.
Abodunrin & Dosunmu (2013) further presented that parental nurturance may decrease girls' susceptibility to negative peer influence as parental nurturance may help girls cope with challenges associated with early puberty.
In the present study, we tested 96 men in the Michigan Infant Nurturance Simulation Paradigm (MINSP) using a simulated infant (SI).
Protection and nurturance of the developing brain in young children would seem to be of paramount importance.
85; seven items in the nurturance factor (nurturance--parental inconsistency in providing children's emotional needs--comfort, protection, affection and supporting them while coping with stressful situations), with a Cronbach's alpha of .
Boards are often like Swiss watches, finely tuned and delicately balanced, sometimes requiring years of care and nurturance from the CEO and chair to achieve this state.
This book proceeds from the premise that creativity is a substantially different kind of cognitive capacity, with different conditions for nurturance, than other capacities recognized and cultivated in gifted programs.
To reassure about nurturance, instituting "Special Time" will help with sibling jealousy.
Many gardeners love this nurturance, finding it calming, while making the garden resilient.
The family system is oriented inward towards the security and nurturance of its members.
To answer these questions, I focus on the following objectives: (1) to discuss perception of women's leadership in India; (2) to discuss specifically feminine attributes such as an ethic of care and nurturance, communication styles, and leadership styles to understand women's leadership from a cultural feminist perspective; (3) to describe the experience of Indian women as leaders and their style of leadership; and (4) and to outline a cultural feminist framework for gender-diverse leadership practices for NPOs based on the findings.
Boys need fathers or father figures who provides emotional nurturance, moral guidance, and positive male role modeling.
Children in poverty are at greater risk of academic failure due to impoverished living conditions and a lack of parental nurturance.
The book's surface simplicity yields to deep excavation as Johnson unpacks every word, elaborating with loving compassion the depth of practice and spiritual nurturance possible simply by mindfully exploring all aspects of the breath.