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physical and emotional care and nourishment

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My hope is that we may consider more integrally both the kind of nurturance children are in need of, as well as the kind of feminine presence and spiritual "mothers" the church has long been in need of.
Eight new domains of pet-owner wellness emerged from the interviews: (1) emotional and physical nurturance, (2) sense of family, (3) sense of responsibility and purpose, (4) friendship and/or companionship, (5) social interaction and connections, (6) personal values and/or spiritual meaning, (7) fun and play, and (8) physical health.
For men who have entered the profession, research shows that their motivations tend to de-emphasize caring, nurturance, and altruism (Evans & Blye, 2003).
Valerie Sessa and Jennifer Bragger, both from Montclair State University, challenge us to look at Performance Management through the lens of a committed gardener: We don't just need to adjust the organization; as HR professionals we need to adjust our own attitudes regarding the care and ongoing nurturance of performance management systems.
Folklore, as a form of great nurturance, is palpable in their presence.
The family system is oriented inward towards the security and nurturance of its members.
To answer these questions, I focus on the following objectives: (1) to discuss perception of women's leadership in India; (2) to discuss specifically feminine attributes such as an ethic of care and nurturance, communication styles, and leadership styles to understand women's leadership from a cultural feminist perspective; (3) to describe the experience of Indian women as leaders and their style of leadership; and (4) and to outline a cultural feminist framework for gender-diverse leadership practices for NPOs based on the findings.
Boys need fathers or father figures who provides emotional nurturance, moral guidance, and positive male role modeling.
For children, this is especially important as treatment often focuses on changing or stabilizing their environment, and ensuring that there is adequate attachment and nurturance.
The research sought to examine if parental nurturance could mitigate the effects of childhood disadvantage.
The table II shows the coefficient of correlation of educational aspirations and ten dimensions of home environment namely control, protectiveness, punishment, conformity, social isolation, reward, deprivation of privileges, nurturance, rejection and permissiveness among adolescents.
The addict must work at changing life behaviors by including disciplines of recreation and leisure, as well as spiritual and emotional nurturance.
However, Menkel-Meadow (1) identifies two other meanings: those who recognise certain attributes as uniquely feminine regard the profession as feminised 'when traits such as empathy, relatedness, nurturance and collectiveness are recognised, valued and expressed in the performance of professional tasks and functions'.
He revisits the principles of nurturance and resonance, and describes the importance of attachment and establishing trust between the student and the teacher or caregiver.