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an institution where people are cared for

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Nursing home placement may not be ideal for some persons with mental illness," she says, but "they all receive good care.
3 percent of not-for-profit homes met Consumer Reports standards for quality nursing home care.
Most veterans do not receive nursing home care from the VA program.
Thomas Moore, the MetBank lending officer who helped structure the Manhattan and New Rochelle transactions explained that MetBank's reputation as a knowledgeable lender in the industry is driving the growth of its overall nursing home portfolio.
Steve Guillard, chair of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care and CEO of Harborside Healthcare in Boston, said he was impressed by the results of the effort and hoped the initiative would stand as a model more facilities follow to "provide true benefit to the frail and elderly .
For-profit nursing home chains in Florida incur 23 claims per 1,000 occupied beds, with an average claim of $278,637.
Survey results will be disseminated via the Internet to allow consumers to make more informed choices when selecting a nursing home.
According to a letter sent to home-care providers by the Department of Health and Social Services, the "small percentage of people having to enter nursing homes" because of the state's home-care cap, will be "free to leave the nursing home for work, education, and social events.
Nursing home expenses are deductible to the extent they are incurred for medical care.
Patricia Nemore of the National Senior Citizens Law Center charges nursing homes "discriminate against Medicaid recipients" with private pay requirements, special wings, evictions and inferior food and services.
40 percent have had a spouse, close friend or relative admitted to a nursing home in the past five years.
The campaign also acknowledges organizational culture elements such as the critical role of consistent nursing home staffing and resident and family satisfaction in improving care.
A small number of nursing home executives are actively involved in some level of RHIO-related planning or activity.
The organization matched online sex offender profiles against a database of nursing home addresses, finding 66 sex offenders living in 57 nursing homes across California.
There could be a lot of long term care-related paperwork coming out of Capitol Hill in 2005, with the federal government announcing plans to examine more than a dozen major industry issues--including Medicare payments to long term care facilities, level of care in such places, and nursing home deficiency trends
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