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an institution where people are cared for

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COURT'S OPINION: The District Court of Appeals of Florida reversed the judgment of the trial court dismissing the case "with prejudice" and remanding the case back to the trial court for the entry of a final judgment dismissing the case "without prejudice" (meaning that the nursing home could bring a new suit), for failure of the nursing home to comply with Florida law.
Siegel also cites the sociological problem of communities opposing mental health facilities' being placed in their areas or permitting nursing home residents with mental illnesses to be allowed to go out unaccompanied--in other words, the NIMBY (not in my backyard) phenomenon.
The report also discusses the influence of politics on the 1987 federal nursing home reform law, with violators receiving token fines -- or no fines at all.
The first challenge is to estimate how many veterans will seek care from the VA and just what their nursing home needs will be.
Thus, our real estate group has been looking hard at nursing home lending opportunities not only in New York but in important markets elsewhere in the country.
Chronic pain among both long term and short term nursing home patients dropped as well.
A visit to any nursing home under consideration should be your top priority.
nursing home to seek protection from its creditors, according to the American Health Care Association.
Health care regulation of the nursing home industry is a joint state and federal function.
The lack of knowledge about nursing home demand largely results from difficulties in estimation arising from Medicaid's major role in the market.
I've mostly talked to people in their twenties or thirties who are going to school and have jobs," says Maureen Griffin, the admissions coordinator for City View nursing home in Madison.
For medical care and nursing home expenses to be deductible, the person for whom the expenses are paid must be an individual taxpayer's dependent either at the time the medical care or nursing home services are rendered or at the time the expenses are paid.
While only 14% of the "young old" (those 65 to 74) are disabled, 58% of the "old old" (those 85 and older) are functionally dependent, 47% have Alzheimer's disease and 22% already live in nursing homes.
In Oregon, the LANE will be a collaboration of organizations that support and promote quality care and environments for nursing home residents and staff.
A small number of nursing home executives are actively involved in some level of RHIO-related planning or activity.
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