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someone who takes care of a garden

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A nurseryman in the place allowed us to install ourselves in an empty pottingshed in his establishment.
When Graham Nicholls, a British nurseryman specializing in alpines, came to the United States to see these magnificent plants in the wild, he was surprised that no one had written a book about them yet.
Rebecca is a shy 20-something who was persuaded to join the slimming club to keep her mum quiet Generally she's a happy soul - particularly as her job at a garden centre allows her to spend time with nurseryman Sean.
Addie Kinghorn, a horticulture instructor at Metropolitan Community College was the recipient of the Nebraska Certified Nurseryman of the Year award.
Serving homeowners more than other types of clients, the landscape nurseryman engages in small-scale projects such as foundation plantings, patios, and installing trees and shrubs.
Dave, partner with Amy's father in a successful wholesale nursery, was named Oregon's Young Nurseryman of 1994 by the Oregon Association of Nurserymen.
We're in a transition zone between South and North, so we can grow plants that do well in the South, just as we can grow plants that do well in the North," McMinnville nurseryman Ed Porter says of the region, comprising mainly seven counties.
Bangor nurseryman Ian Sturrock Others, such as the Bardsey Apple, are only represented by one tree on Bardsey Island, off the Llyn Peninsula.
Award winning nurseryman and hands-on gardener Bloom indeed takes a "best" approach here.
Buckland trained and worked as a rose and pinks nurseryman and gardener before qualifying in landscape management at Greenwich University.
AN AWARD-WINNING nurseryman and garden designer has been appointed curator of plants at Twycross Zoo.
Karen Daw, centre, from Guinea Gardens with Freddie Gick, left, and Sue Griffith, both from Birmingham Trees for Life and volunteers in the orchard JP210308Tree-03; Nurseryman Peter Dunn giving guidance to volunteers JP210308Tree-06; Allotment holder Bob Carr digs a hole for his apple tree provided by Birmingham Trees for Life P210308Tree-02; Sue Griffith from Birmingham Trees for Life checking the roots JP210308Tree-08; Ali Hussain heading back to his plot with an apple tree JP210308Tree-01; Karen Daw, left, from Guinea Gardens Allotments handing out fruit trees JP210308Tree-07; Bob Carr driving in the support post JP210308Tree-13; Jim Dunlop plants his fruit tree JP210308Tree-12; Planting a tree JP210308Tree-05
He was a university professor, a horticulturist, a professional nurseryman, a life that took up 16 hours each day yet left him unfulfilled.
Centre stage will be a display designed by Mick McGrath, a nurseryman with Kirklees Council.
You've got early bud in the trees and plants; they're growing lots of greenery,'' said nurseryman Richard Blaisdell at Sperling Nursery in Calabasas.