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a small preschool for small children

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Willocks Nursery School is also located close to London's Royal Albert Hall, while Prince George's school requires longer commute.
They visited an actual nursery school as part of their training in cooperation with Tsurumi Junior College in Kanagawa prefecture.
Apart from motivating the tutors, nursery schools will attract highly educated professionals.
All Hallows CE Infant and Nursery School at Almondbury and Paddock Junior, Infant and Nursery School both recorded 1.
Fellow colleagues and families at Fullbrook Nursery School sponsored the trio and organised other fundraising events, such as bake sales and fancy dress days, in honour of Lukas, who is one year into his three-year chemotherapy treatment.
In the nursery schools in Sofia will be installed a video surveillance.
NURSERY schools across the North East are set to have their funding slashed under government plans for a "fairer" system.
Nursery schools in Birmingham could lose almost half their funding under Government changes which threaten to push them to crisis point.
But my cousin took her first entrance test at two and a half years of age to get into the best nursery school of the city.
If any of the Lib Dem councillors had attended the nursery school parent meetings they would already know the strength of feeling on this issue.
With nursery school fees rising every year, one angry parent responded by saying that it is the right of parents to expect excellent results, not only in terms of education, but on safety issues as well.
com)-- Carousel Nursery School, located in Lancaster, NY, launched its new website www.
However, most nursery school teachers in Japan do not receive education about the theories and skills that relate to mother-child relationships and mental health problems of mothers.
NURSERY school children yesterday celebrated being awarded pounds 1million for crosscommunity play.