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a tale in rhymed verse for children

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So think on, next time you read a bedtime nursery rhyme to your little ones.
Linda is devastated by Ollie's reaction to a nursery rhyme
Half for You and Half for Me: Best-Loved Nursery Rhymes and the Stories Behind Them
At least three different lines of scientific inquiry allow us to tell a story about cat domestication that is reminiscent of the old 'house that Jack built' nursery rhyme," said study co-author Fiona Marshall, PhD, a professor of archaeology in Arts
I have had kindergarteners come in to report where they are hearing nursery rhymes on videos, the radio, and in other places in their world.
Nursery rhyme singer, Edward Reid, has hit back at claims his Britain's Got Talent act is a rip-off.
Nursery rhymes are, for many of us, the initiation into figurative language, into rhyme and metre, ordered speech: in short, into poetry.
Some of the television programmes and computer games these days are full of shooting and killing, give me an innocent nursery rhyme over them any day.
Children of all ages are familiar with the nursery rhyme that tells the story of Mary and her little lamb that followed her to school.
Apparently, a quarter of UK adults can't recite a single whole nursery rhyme, and - shock, horror
For this current unit of study I challenged them to illustrate a nursery rhyme using the same relief printing, but this time we would use linoleum instead of erasers.
SCOTS kids' favourite nursery rhyme is Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus, according to a poll.
The nursery rhyme provides a lovely starting point when working with young learners in teaching them to read with critical awareness.
Maybe it's one too many nursery rhyme books,'' added Bryant, who has two young daughters.