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Synonyms for nursery

Synonyms for nursery

a child's room for a baby

a building with glass walls and roof

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Limmershin told me that never in his life--and Limmershin sees ten thousand big seals fighting every year--never in all his little life did he see anything like Kotick's charge into the nurseries.
At night, just as the Northern Lights were winking and flashing through the fog, Kotick climbed a bare rock and looked down on the scattered nurseries and the torn and bleeding seals.
Of course it was not all done at once, for the seals are not very clever, and they need a long time to turn things over in their minds, but year after year more seals went away from Novastoshnah, and Lukannon, and the other nurseries, to the quiet, sheltered beaches where Kotick sits all the summer through, getting bigger and fatter and stronger each year, while the holluschickie play around him, in that sea where no man comes.
The town hall is set to start a consultation on the future of five of its day nurseries.
Staff and pupils at two rural nurseries received glowing reports from the Care Inspectorate.
LEAKED plans have revealed that Birmingham City Council is considering closing all of its nurseries to save money.
The Hollies Day Nursery in Canton beat scores of others to win Nursery of the Year for Wales at the National Day Nurseries Association Nursery Awards.
NURSERIES across Teesside have been named among the best in the region.
Greenhead Park, Edgerton, Gledholt, Paddock Nursery group has A FAMILY-OWNED group of children's day nurseries has celebrated 25 years in business.
Nurseries in other parts of the North East are also under threat and the head of one Gateshead nursery warned it was at risk.
Mr Barratt said, "There's a need for parents to find nurseries that not only offer a great environment for their children but are also flexible enough to meet their own needs.
Dubai: The Ministry of Social Affairs has cancelled the licences of 12 nurseries in Dubai and the northern areas of the UAE this year for committing violations that compromised children's safety.
The Ministry of Social Affairs' child department said the nurseries were closed because they failed to comply with Civil Defence regulations
Executive guidelines and regulations for nurseries should be fast-tracked
Moza Salem Al Shoomi, Director of the Child Department at the ministry, said some families had approached the ministry requesting nurseries to keep their young children till late in the evening.