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Synonyms for nursemaid


Synonyms for nursemaid

a woman who is the custodian of children

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I felt that I had indeed missed an opportunity: to witness such an event as a nursemaid going 'in two halves' does not occur twice in a life-time!
I am very well, thank you, Madame," replied the nursemaid.
Their fears were allayed and Tarzan now found himself often in the role of nursemaid to a tiny anthropoid-- an avocation which he found by no means irksome, since Gazan was a never-failing fount of surprises and entertainment.
An elderly nursemaid and two children were standing in a corner of the enclosure, looking at a lean goat tethered to the grass.
The only persons who were near to her, in the position she now occupied, were a nursemaid and two little boys.
The half-caste woman who looked after him (she smoked opium, and pretended to keep a second-hand furniture shop by the square where the cheap cabs wait) told the missionaries that she was Kim's mother's sister; but his mother had been nursemaid in a Colonel's family and had married Kimball O'Hara, a young colour- sergeant of the Mavericks, an Irish regiment.
Other doctors fear that they will become unwilling nursemaids to a medical chart with outdated or incomplete information from prior providers, and they will be on the hook to mend it.
At this time, there were many uniformed nannies or nursemaids out and about in Liverpool's parks and streets.
There, small colonies of about 20 workers tend a baseball-sized, spongy mass of fungus riddled with passageways where farmhands and nursemaids scurry to their tasks.
It was about growing up in Ireland, her extraordinary mum and dad, the loss of her mother in a car accident, siblings, nursemaids and stepmothers, etc.
Fairy tales are replete with figures reconfigured from childhood, and in Hoffmann, they appear most frequently as nursemaids turned to witches.
Maybe she just wants to care for Hef in his twilight years but do sweet nursemaids usually wander about in French maid outfits?
More recently, they, along with Shirley, had been my nursemaids.
That is when stupidity brought about by dutch courage comes into play and trouble starts, so it is a bit rich for the powers that be to lay blame on premises which are licensed to sell and serve a legal substance, alcohol, and are not employed as nursemaids to the badly behaved few who cannot handle their alcohol consumption.
We lose the nursemaids, naughty children, toyseller and curfew-marchers in Act II, and the customs officers and country traders at the beginning of Act III - at which point we are instead given a sound-montage of student riots in, I guess, the Paris of 1968.