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Synonyms for nursemaid


Synonyms for nursemaid

a woman who is the custodian of children

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I felt that I had indeed missed an opportunity: to witness such an event as a nursemaid going 'in two halves' does not occur twice in a life-time!
I am very well, thank you, Madame," replied the nursemaid.
Among the other forlorn wanderers in the Parks, there appeared latterly a trim little figure in black (with the face protected from notice behind a crape veil), which was beginning to be familiar, day after day, to nursemaids and children, and to rouse curiosity among harmless solitaries meditating on benches, and idle vagabonds strolling over the grass.
She had always thought children important, however, and the Darlings had become acquainted with her in Kensington Gardens, where she spent most of her spare time peeping into perambulators, and was much hated by careless nursemaids, whom she followed to their homes and complained of to their mistresses.
Pocket's two nursemaids were looking about them while the children played.
Many were the colloquies into which Sam entered with grooms who were airing horses on roads, and nursemaids who were airing children in lanes; but nothing could Sam elicit from either the first-mentioned or the last, which bore the slightest reference to the object of his artfully-prosecuted inquiries.
Said law defines Kasambahayas as either general househelp (katulong), nursemaid (yaya), cook, gardener, laundry person, any working children or domestic workers 15 years or older but not over the age of 18 or anyone who regularly performs domestic work in one household on an occupational basis, also known as live out arrangement.
Plucky teen Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning, left) takes people as they come, happily treating nursemaid Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson) as her equal.
The arrival of a new Irish nursemaid Tara (Anna Murphy) sparks Dickens' creative flow and he visualises a seasonal tale of redemption, unconsciously drawing on his troubled past.
In infancy she lost her mother, and her father gave her into the care of a nursemaid, who raised Marina in the Orthodox Faith.
One night a passing stork drops a bundle and Magrit finds herself nursemaid and provider for a baby boy, she also has the arduous role of cleaner-upper too.
Wilson, an author and retired Navy captain, tells the story of the Bulloch women of Roswell, Georgia, during and after the Civil War, including three first ladies (Eleanor Roosevelt, Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, and Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt), a famous Confederate spy (Rose O'Neal Greenhow), and the mother of a President Teddy Roosevelt (Martha Bulloch Roosevelt), as well as the family's nursemaid slave Nancy Jackson, to show the changing role of women during the era.
The difference between butcher and nursemaid is in the ant's preparation.
You no longer feel a nursemaid, but can make plans that make you happy.
Strong willed and determined, Mary becomes a nursemaid to the daughters of the Acting Judge Advocate, a role that sees her roam around the infant colony.