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a registered nurse who has received special training and can perform many of the duties of a physician

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1981 Lila McEwen, family nurse practitioner, establishes the first nurse-practitioner private office practice in Eagle River.
SUG members assist with the operation of Sim Man for advanced health assessment and disease management courses in the nurse practitioner program.
RESULTS: There were 125 patients referred to the nurse practitioner which resulted in a total of 509 patient visits.
No--there should be no Nurse Practitioner or student who does not know that the Nurse Practitioner role was not created because of a physician shortage, to fill a gap for physicians, or to help out physicians.
As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are drawing to a close, the role for the family nurse practitioner in a combat support hospital has been validated.
Fast forward twelve years and the job description of the family nurse practitioner working in the primary care setting has changed dramatically.
when a NAPNAP task force created Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners to unite nurse practitioner efforts;
Recommendations for meeting the crisis in clude increasing the supply of primary care physicians and expanding the roles of primary care nurse practitioners.
In states that require nurse practitioners to be supervised by doctors and do not allow independent prescription writing, nurse practitioner wages are 14 percent lower, physician wages are 7 percent higher, and fees charged for heath care services are 3 to 16 percent higher.
Rose Okoro, a nurse practitioner who specializes in family medicine, opened the Daystar Family Clinic in Katy last October.
com)-- Nurse Practitioner Perspective, the only career resource dedicated exclusively to NPs and DNPs, has been named the official publication and media partner of Doctors of Nursing Practice Inc.
Adult-gerontology nurse practitioner certification intensive review; fast facts and practice questions, 2d ed.
If you are a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist who would like to work with ISNAP, please contact the ISNAP office at 1-800-6386623 and dial extension 107 for Robin Riebsomer, Intake Coordinator or extension 101 for Chuck Lindquist, Program Director.
He sponsored the Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act this year "to strengthen and expand the nurse practitioner profession.
Some physician groups have argued that nurse practitioner programs could put patients at risk, by increasing the likelihood that patients will see providers who lack the training necessary to identify some types of problems.
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