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someone who assists a nurse in tasks that require little formal training


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A dresser, a closet, a bureau with a 13-inch color TV on top, and a small, gold-plated vanity with cracked glass where my mom hung her white nurse's aide outfit.
It was a new program combining certified nurse's aide training and English-as-a-second-language instruction at Hawkeye Community College that helped Keric get a jump on her career.
However, the agency must be licensed by the state, and employees must have nurse's aide certification.
A key piece of evidence was a letter that 23 nurse's aides sent to Beverly Enterprises CEO David Banks, begging for increased staffing.
Medicare provided a nurse's aide twenty hours a week.
WEBSTER - A certified nurse's aide is charged with allegedly hitting an elderly resident at a local extended care facility after the resident, who is suffering from dementia, called her a racially derogatory name.
Jefferson Elementary, for example, sends its mail in care of the brother of a nurse's aide at the school.
CASE FACTS: On September 19, 1997, while Dianna Tomlinson was a patient at Gainesville Memorial Hospital (GMH), nurse's aide Clements went to the patient's room to get her out of bed for a shower and a walk.
It's still sore in my heart,'' said Spooner, a nurse's aide at a U.
Every new nurse, nurse's aide or physical therapy staff member is oriented on how to use the lift equipment on his/her first day of work.
The Allied Health Department will launch a fast-track course to become a certified nurse's aide that will meet most weekdays from 7 a.
The OIG will also evaluate whether facilities are meeting the requirements required for nurse's aide training.
Sniffles and Snuggles is staffed by a registered nurse with experience in pediatric care and a nurse's aide.