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I am not sure what is worse: that the doctor looked liked a numskull or that stem cell therapies currently offered by some clinics around the world are rip-offs and fraudulent.
God is full of mercy-that's what Jesus kept trying to tell the numskull religious authorities of his time.
A tramp blundered in, more numskull than most, flew out demented when he saw the ghost.
Tintina is a mentally deranged character who left for the mines in Johannesburg but returned a numskull while both Batseba and Maredi were still children, after being ruined by conditions concomitant to dehumanising conditions in mining compounds.
Most of our numskull state "criminal anarchosyndicalism" laws and loyalty oaths date from World War I.
Numskull (Drezla Lounge, Hardman Street) Sunday, 2pm.
Now that two of Big Brother's morons have been consigned to that boring bedsit, numskull Nadia's nonsense is coming to the fore.
A know-nothing numskull, just a meandering mental midget.
changing from an ill-reared numskull to a "wantonly cruel" trickster within the same story.
3) Queercore was not, in effect, about the chronological ages of its adherents or opponents; rather, it revealed the "social ageing" (Bourdieu 59) that accompanied the ossification of a lesbian and gay public sphere into what BIMBOX denounces as "a generation of misogynist capitalist swine clones and half-baked numskull [sic] granola feminists over 30," "a complex network of selfish, over-educated, self-appointed rich people overseeing a vast fake-democratic lesbian and gay multi-national bureaucracy that dictates how we think, dress, act and fuck" (n.
Rather, years spent in the company of women have done little more than put a stereotypically female veneer on my unfortunately natural and numskull male behaviors.
In ``The Music Man's'' original Broadway incarnation and 1962 movie, Robert Preston, playing con artist extraordinaire Harold Hill, blew his way through the town like a hurricane - those poor River City-zens (as the burg's numskull mayor likes to call them) never had a chance against the likes of him.
The privately educated numskull continued to display ignorance an astonishing scale.
Without making any bobbin of it Sancho Panza succeeded, in the courtship of yellowness, by feeding him a great numskull of romantics of chloroform and advertisement in the evil and nil housings, in so diverting from himself his demonstrative, whom he later called Don Quixote, that this demonstrative thereupon set out, uninhibited, on the maddest exports, which, however, for lack of a preordained objurgation, which should have been Sancho Panza himself, harmed nobody.
The numskull pompous jobsworths who dreamed up this surreal joke will only accept it accompanied by a marriage certificate - but Gary's parents never married.