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large fossil protozoan of the Tertiary period

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The largest among these is the Chergui field, whose reservoir in a Mid-Eocene nummulitic limestone called "Reineche" has been reported to contain over 70 BCF of recoverable reserves.
9 million barrels of condensate, lying in a nummulitic limestone reservoir called Ypr?
There were three microfacies recognized; 1) Miliolid Lockhartia Mud-Wackstone Microfacies, inferred the deposition in a low energy, restricted circulation with slightly high salinity in a lagoonal environment of the inner shelf, 2) Nummulitic Wack-Packstone Microfacies, inferred to be deposited in a subtidal conditions of the carbonate shelf and 3) Benthic Foraminiferal Wack-Packstone Microfacies, representing deposition in the distal middle shelf area relatively further offshore.
Waagen [6] worked in the Changla Gali , Chumbi Peak and Khaira Gali area and differentiated the stratigraphic units into broad groups like Spiti Shales, Sandstone Series and Nummulitic Limestone Series.
This field's recoverable reserves are estimated at 28 BCM, lying in a nummulitic limestone reservoir called Ypresien El Gueria.
The name Nisai Group was proposed by Hunting Survey Corporation (1960) after the Nisai village for the "black nummulitic limestone" of Vredenburg (1904) and "older nummulitic beds" of Davies (1930).